Book Rant: Shades of Earth



GENRE: YA, Sci-fi

SERIES: Across the Universe Trilogy, #3


Hello beauties! Today we are discussing the third and final book in Beth Revis’ Science Fiction trilogy, Shades of Earth. This book, in my mind, was the best of the series but I still was not thrilled with it. If you haven’t started it, if Sci-fi is your thing then go for it! I think you will like it. It’s just never been my genre. Ok Spoilers part here! Bye guys!






Ok so more stuff happens in this book than the other two, but seriously I had to make myself finish this series.  I really was reading for the sake of getting through it. When I was 3/4 done I was ready for the end. Enough suspense, I just wanted it over. And then the last 1/4 was very, very disappointing. I did not like it. At all. I think Elder coming back was a horrible move, I know it’s sci-fi and we have mutated humans, but really? Way too far fetched. I didn’t like the killing of Amy’s mom, it was really unnecessary. That’s one for my book-related pet peeves, when authors kill characters for no reason  other than to inflict pain. Sometimes they can do it really well and it adds to the story (Cassandra Clare, Laini Taylor, Lauren Oliver…) but normally it just feels really forced and not necessary. Amy’s dad dying made more sense because he was military, the leader, him dying was more natural in the story.

Chris, so much discontinuity! If he was on the planet originally, how to he end up with the group? Assuming he manages to subtly do that with only Amy’s dad knowing,  why does Amy’s dad assign him as her body guard immediately? Eyes like that aren’t normal, he sound at least have mistrusted him more. Certainty not trust him with his daughter off the bat. If I just landed on an alien planet and some humanoid with freaky eyes walked up to me and said he was the last remaining  survivor of the previously landed human settlers, my reaction would be “Well that’s awful convenient…for you” I would let him be with us in case he was right but he would have no clue about anything in our group. He’d be treated like a prisoner, not in that he would be kept locked up, but in that I don’t trust him at all. He would have constant supervision but subtly so he didn’t know the extent to how I didn’t trust him. Yeah he would notice and have those people killed because that’s how his character reacts, and then it “ok, the people in charge of you have all magically turned up dead? Again, convenient for you. Bye, bye!” or then lock him up and figure out what the fuck is going on and what his people want. Then we could have gotten right to the peace negotiations or at least has a round table to discuss what’s happening. Also because Chris was so high up in their encampment, he should have KNOWN no one in the settlement knew shit about the FRX and their actions/plans. And if I was Amy, Chris being able to re-program the shuttle would set of warning bells. She probably didn’t say anything because it’s what she wanted but still, trust should be going down. SO MUCH DISCONTINUITY! People’s actions make no sense!

I liked Elder more nearing the end of the book when he started really becoming a leader for his people. At the beginning he was the same as the other two books (pretty weak, unorganized, and just not a leader who knew what to do. Not his fault, he is young) but as we go alone he really steps up so I was really happy about that.

That’s pretty much it, bye guys! Kisses!


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