Book Rant: Sapphire Blue

sapphirebluecoveerRATING: 90%

GENRE: YA, historical fantasy/fantasy

SERIES: Ruby Red Trilogy, #2

Hello my lovelies! So I have just finished Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier it is the second book in a fantastic trilogy. If you haven’t started it is about these two families who have the time traveling gene. A teenage girl named Gwyneth ends up having this gene even though everyone thinks it will be her cousin Charlotte. It’s an amazing set of books so far, go pick it up if you haven’t! If you have already read Ruby Red we pick up exactly where we left off in the church. Spoilers past here!






“Just say yes or no – that’ll do. Did you plan it all?” […] “Gwen-” […] “yes or no?” […] “yes.”  *Silent screaming* Because we are hearing from Gwen and she has so much self doubt, especially in this relationship, the entire book I was wondering if Gideon meant it. He is so bi-polar! It like he was trying to hid it or something. I really wanted to think he did mean it and then hearing that was more of a conformation instead of a shock. I was still crying, I think that is absolutely the most brutal thing anyone could do to someone else, make them think you were in love with them. And then we get the Epilogue with Gideon and Paul and you know that there was something on that paper that scared Gideon enough for him to break Gwen’s heart. At least that it what I am going with because I really don’t want him to be just a manipulative asshole. I’m kind of confused because I said in my Ruby Red thing that I was so sure Gideon could read minds, he takes lines out of her head all the time. And this book didn’t address that at all! And he thought she has attacked him with a vase and she starts crying and it’s like he can’t read her mind anymore and I was so confused! Clarity needed!

Ok so I mentioned in my Ruby Red book rant that I was picturing my chronograph like a giant bronze disk that they like stood on to time travel. And in this book we get a bit more description so now I am seeing a miniature grandfather clock. This guys, I’m seeing this with gemstones.

pi_16665They like stick there hand into the compartment and there in a needle. and the vials of blood just disappeared. I don’t know where they went. And then it said when Gwen put her blood in the ruby lit up so in my messed up mind where the pendulum is there was just a light bulb that lit up red. And I’m still picturing Paul and Lucy smuggling this thing out under their coats and in my mind it’s still a good 2-2.5 feet high. The more I think about it the more I realize they probably just time traveled holding onto it and there was no ninja smuggling but I cannot get this mental image out of my head and it’s just so hilarious.

This Ball, I thought it was the day after the soiree but I guess not because we go to meet the Count. The ball has to be what we saw in the first book when Gewn kisses Gideon to distract him from her past self. Maybe. Probably. Yes? Anyway so the soiree, the punch. Oh my God. Maybe when you go back in time don’t drink things when you don’t know where they are? Seriously if it was alcohol you don’t know how much alcohol. I don’t know what the regulations were in the Victorian era! Or is could be abstinence which Gwen actually said. She was really cheerful when she said it too, I can’t say I would have been thrilled at being drugged. No matter Gwen’s mind is somewhat absent from this party. And Gideon just leaves her! He goes and talks to green dress widow woman (Referred to hence forth as GDWW). You would think because its her first week on the job and she has really no training that you would stick pretty close. I don’t get it! Do we need something from GDWW or is there some kind of role he was playing or he didn’t want to draw attention to Gwen by sticking to close all the time? I don’t know, I just want to know if there was some kind of reason for him ditching Gwen for GDWW.  The Count was telling Gwen that Gideon went to see GDWW all the time and maybe that’s where he was coming from when he ran into Paul but it didn’t seem to fit. Oh and at this ball thing that is yet to happen, Gwen runs upstairs crying, could that be because of GDWW? Dammit Gideon! Explain yourself! Ok the Epilogue, lets discuss. Confused. Gideon doesn’t like Paul so why did he rush to help Paul? Maybe the enemy of my enemy is my friend? And I don’t think he wants Paul dead. And Paul, how could you be so stupid! Give the Alistair alliance whatever dude the names of the time travelers! Clearly he is going to try and hunt them down and kill them!

Xemerius is this cute little gargoyle character. I like him and I kind of want one. He’s a super invisible spy friend. I also like this Lesley- Raphael relationship that is going on! They seem like a good fit. This Green Rider thing, confused! what do you think it could be? i never understand treasure hunts in books and they happen all the time! What is so important that you need to code and hide and then pray that the other person understands! Charlotte is a freaking bitch! Sympathy for her going way down. I felt bad for her in Ruby Red and now she’s just taking a temper tantrum like a 4 year old. I really liked when Gwen’s little sister’s show went into the pudding and the butler was just, “Oh I’m glad there is pudding left for Charlotte and them!”

OOH! Prophecy! We see the lion, Gideon, come over to this ruby heart and then push it off a cliff and have it shatter into a million pieces. Maybe it’s literal and Gideon will kill Gwen or maybe its figurative and he breaks her heart. I don’t know! Maybe it’s like Will Herondale and he’s being mean and keeping her away from him for her own good? I am trying to be so forgiving of Gideon for everything because I want him to be a good guy. Maybe he’ll turn out to be an ass-hat and I will be so disappointed

I’m not sure how they are going to resolve this in one book! I need the next one right now!

Bye guys! Kisses


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