Book Rant: Allegiant

AllegiantRATING: 75%

GENRE: YA, dystopian

SERIES: Divergent Trilogy, #3


Hello my darlings! I know it says I have been reading Sapphire Blue and I am like half way through it, but then this book happened. It took me for freaking ever to read (I’m sorry!) because school. I have also read A Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolt (play) and reread To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee for school though so…counts right? Ok so  Allegiant by Veronica Roth and this series. It is the last book in a trilogy so it’s really hard to give a non-spoilery summary. But go start it the first on is Divergent get back here when you are all caught up for we shall talk about all the things! Spoilers past here!






THE END!!!! ALL THE EMOTIONS! ALL THE FEELS! Ok so as soon as Caleb volunteered to die I was like “Shit, Tris is going to take over this.” I’m not happy that our main character died, I love Tris and she’s grown so much, she is such a great character but if she hadn’t died I feel like I really would have been very dissatisfied with the book. The way it was written she had to be killed or it just would have been ridiculous. And it makes sense to with her character, she always thought of herself as selfish throughout the series but she’s not. She never felt like she was giving enough so it made sense that she would die for this. Veronica Roth killed off so many people in this book! Edward, Tori (was that necessary?! Really? Just had to kill her then make her brother be alive.) Uriah (again, same thing). I thought someone big was going to die, I actually thought it would be Christina or Four. I thought Four was going to die saving Tris. And being perfectly honest I would have been ok with that. Again not happy, but not super upset. I just never connected with Four that much. When she got shot and we see her mom for like 0.5 seconds I thought her mom wasn’t really dead and she has come in as back up and Tris isn’t really shot, her mom shot David and she’s just in shock or something. And then it says she had the  bullet wounds and we know that this is really Tris’ death. Her mom’s coming to take her on. Actually I was in denial until Christina said it. I was holding onto the hope that she was just dying and unconscious and then Caleb came in a redeemed himself and she’s going to be in a hospital or something.

Ok honestly up until the ending, nothing happened in this novel. It was so much build up in the last book for nothing. I expected like a big ordeal. I honestly thought that maybe there had been a WW3 or a plague and this was a group of people who had been protected and saved so that when they left the city the world would be ready to start again. It was just one big experiment and that was a bit of a let down. It wasn’t that it was a bad way to take it, it’s just that I kind of had this huge survival struggle idea going into it. In this book we got a lot of information dumped on us, everything about the GD and GP people. Whenever I saw that I actually had to take a second to process which group we were talking about. So the Genetically Pure and the Genetically Damaged are just not getting along, the had a civil war 80 odd years ago, and somehow the GPs have managed to cover up every single war or conflict ever so they can essentially use the GD people as scapegoats.  I don’t want to say I didn’t care about it but, I didn’t care about it. We already have this situation in Chicago and I wanted that to get fixed and I just couldn’t care about the other issues while that was still happening. I found it too much to be introduced in the last book.

The fringe scenes. Why did we go out into the fringe with Nita? So Four could guard a door?! It was useless. We then go out again with Tris and see some good stuff and nothing comes of it. Detail appreciated, it’s really well written, Veronica Roth’s descriptions are fantastic, but nothing came of it. I felt that most of the whole Bureau thing was very terribly predictable. And slow. In Divergent things were happening all the time, Insurgent was calmer and less action but things were still happening all the time even if it wasn’t a bunch of fighting. This book was a bunch of Four whining about his insecurities and his and Tris’ relationship and a lot of planning (so much planning going into these terrible, predictable plans!) and then nothing ever happening. We have really promising action in the first few chapters, they are going to break out of the city, yeah! Excitement! We get out and…nothing. They aren’t needed, they can’t do anything, nothing. When Amar walks out and Four is like “wait no! You’re dead!” and Tris has that moment of thinking she is going to see her parents I immediately thought Matrix and got so excited! But then it was he faked his death and I was still excited, there is a lot of ways that could go. And she just didn’t go with it. There was a lot of potential and it just fell flat. Am I being too harsh? Maybe I was expecting too much.

The dual POVs. Ah…this, no. Just no. I found myself often forgetting who I was reading from. I would leave mid-chapter because I have other stuff to do, come back and keep reading and be really confused as I try and figure out who is talking. Normally in dual POVs you can tell who is talking especially if its a guy vs. girl ordeal but this one I just couldn’t unless Tobias was complaining and being insecure. I was really irritated at Four for most of this book. It didn’t seem like the strong Four from the other two, then again maybe it was the fact that we were in his head. But someone said this, I’m 90% sure it was Tris though it might have been Amar, that Four always needed someone to hold to. His Mom, Nita, Tris he always had to lean on someone in this book and that frustrated me. I didn’t like the way he treated Tris throughout this book and how he reacted to her warning about Nita. Its like when he found out her wan’t divergent he just caved in on himself. I get it, traumatic to think you are something and be told you aren’t but it’s not like he’s normal. He’s still an amazing soldier, and he can resist serums and all that.  I loved the part where Tris gets so mad at Four for being apart of that stupid thing with Nita because she said everything I wanted to.

What was a really sweet moment though with Four is when he is reunited with his mom and he gives her this ultimatum and she just hugs him and is like “let them keep the city and everything in it.” It was so touching and I’m so glad that he has someone. It would have been so funny the thing with Peter after he drank the memory serum, but given what was happening I didn’t find it as funny as I normally would have. I have a silver of hope at this point because Christina hasn’t announced her death yet. The chapters after where it’s just Four I was just “I don’t care, I don’t care. I don’t care.” I’m just really upset right now, Four, and I don’t want to talk to you anymore! The scattering the ashes was pretty sweet, I did smile a bit at that.

Oh I almost forgot, the statue with the slow change. I adored this symbol but I was also slightly confused at the logic. Originally it makes sense, the slow change eroding the rock and Tris says “what if is came out all at once? Wouldn’t it cause more damage?” well no, it wouldn’t. It would make a big mess, but it could be fixed, the slow erosion can never be reversed or stopped as long as the water drips. And then we have at the end the water all coming out at once and yes it appears to be moving quicker, but in the long run its making less change. The symbolism just confused me.

Overall I am satisfied with this conclusion but I’m not particularly happy with it, I you know what I mean. There is closure and I think if it had been done another way I would have been really frustrated with it. I’m just really sad about it right now. Divergent is still my favourite and I’m going to say this is my least favourite. That’s all for this book, bye guys!


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