Bookish Pet Peeves

Hello my darlings! So I’ve been renovating my house and by extent my bedroom for a long time. And I just got a bookshelf! I’m so excited! Because for the past…year-ish? Maybe? Probably, yes. All my books have been in storage in boxes minus my Catching Fire which I lent to my guy-friend at the same time that I was packing up my books. Got it back two months later without a dust jacket. And obviously all the books I bought after my books had been packed up. BUT I HAVE A BOOKSHELF! So I got to put all my books on it and get them out of storage! So beautiful! Now while I was arranging my book on this bookshelf I realized I have a lot of bookish pet peeves. (I also found some books I had totally forgotten that I owned so that was great) Anyway, I made a list just for fun!

1. Cover changes. This annoys me the most of all the things. It just drives me crazy when mid-series the cover design get changed. I know I am not alone in this. I’m pretty sure this pisses everyone off. For example:

 ———————————>  13188676


download ———————————–> images 10345937

2. When one book in a series is hardcover and the rest are paperback or vice versa. Because they are then different heights and it drives me insane.

3. This is a weird one and what it boils down to again is me wanting my books to look uniform within a series. Dust jackets. I don’t mind when a book doesn’t have a dust jacket, if it’s a stand alone. But if it’s in a series (and sadly I’m missing pretty much all my dust jackets on the books I had out during the renos because I’d take them off to read the book and then they would vanish) I almost just want to get rid of the dust jackets just so they all look the same! Or re-buy them or something! That is how much this bugs me!

4. I’ve bought used books before from Chapters online and normally they are in fabulous condition with the exception of COFA and CA when the dust jacket had a production error I guess? It looked like the printer had run out of ink when they were making them. So, that why those ones have no dust jackets. Not the point. Anyway on all these used books they draw a black sharpie line across the top of the pages. What’s funny about this one is that it’s not a big deal. When it’s on the shelf you can’t even see the line so who cares? I do, apparently! Because it fills me with rage.

5. This is another weird one, but paperbacks can’t stand up by themselves. I know that’s really an obvious statement but when you’re arranging books on a shelf and you put a paperback down it just falls right over and the act of the book falling over really bugs me. STAND YOU WEAKLINGS!

6. This one has to do with not the appearance but of the actual story. When you have really exotic names that are really complicated. And that not what bothers me because then I will just go by the first couple letters in the name to get my bearings and then their name becomes whatever my first attempt at saying it in my head was after a glancing. Regardless of how far off the pronunciation might be. (ie: Magnus Bane was Mun-da-gus Bane until I discussed this series for the first time with another human being which wasn’t until after COLS. Yeah. It was kind of embarrassing.) So anyway, the weird exotic names don’t bother me because I got this system but what throws me is when you have a few weird, exotic names that all look similar at a glance. Because then people start getting mixed up in my brain.

And those are all my strange bookish pet peeves! I had fun making this list and I hope you got a few laughs reading it. What are your weird book pet peeves? Bye y’all! Kisses!



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  2. I don’t think your book pet peeves aren’t weird because I share most of them with you. The most important for me: If I buy the books in a series, I want them to look like they are a series. I want the spines/covers to match, I want the heights to be the same, and I want them to be in the same format. They should look like they all belong together, not like some were adopted. My Harry Potter books actually bother me because I have them all in hardcover but the first ones aren’t as tall for some reason.

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