A Unicorn Changed My Hair!

photo (1)Hey darlings!

I have to give you some back story to make my point. So Thanksgiving long weekend (I live in Canada. Our Thanksgiving is in October) I had quite the fight with my hair. I lost 2/3 battles but over all won the war. I had a red streak in my hair and it was semi-permanent dye so it faded pretty quickly. 2.5-3 weeks I think. But if any of you have dyed you hair you know the colour never 100% washes out. I went to the drug store to buy some of the same red to touch it up but all they had was bubblegum pink and blue. I’m not a pink kind of girl and blue in my hair didn’t sound really good so I decided to dye all my hair one dark colour to cover it. I picked up a dark copper-brown and it looked really pretty on the box, like a dark auburn with some brown. Get home on Thursday and try it out and it turned my head BRIGHT PUMPKIN ORANGE. It was pretty hot. The next day my Mom goes out to buy hair colour remover for me because I’m not leaving the house. I’m pretty nonchalant about things like this but line was drawn. Now hair colour remover is supposed to just remove the artificial colour but not totally bleach your hair. My Mom got 2 bottles, that did 1/3 of my hair and didn’t even get rid of all the orange where it was. It was at this point we had been doing this for a total of about 3 hours that I said fuck it! Bleach it then I can add colour back! So my Mom goes off again a comes back with 2 bottles of hair bleach. Stressing the hair. I didn’t just rub bleach on my head. Some people thought that’s what you do, it’s not. Don’t try that. Anyway, bleached my hair out then I dyed it “Light golden brown” but that turned out really light because my hair had been bleached and ta da! 6.5 hours after we started I’m blonde. And it’s just going to stay like this until further notice. I like it alright and my poor hair, I’m not putting it through anymore.

To tie in the title, what 98% of people said to me the minute they saw me was “Wow, did you get your hair dyed?”


My hair was dark brown and now it’s blonde…no I didn’t dye it! Not at all! A couple of my friends did have really great reactions though. A guy friend of mine stopped in the hall and stared at me for a minute before walking over and saying he hadn’t been sure it was me, one of my friends since grade 1 straight up laughed (she’s not that mean, it actually relates back to an inside joke) and then I got a “Holy shit you’re blonde!” screamed at me from across the main hall. Haha, oh friends. That is my story for today. Bye lovelies!


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