7 Deadly Sins of Reading Book Challenge: Gluttony (Day 2)


Hey lovelies! I did the 30 Day Book Challenge sometime ago and I had a lot of fun and it was a great way to actually keep publishing stuff when I didn’t have something for you guys. So it’s challenge time again! This one I made up and it’s not nearly as good as Radiya’s was but I think it will also be some fun and it’s October so it seemed appropriate with the darkness and whatever!

Day 2: Gluttony –  What is the most expensive book you’ve bought?

TheNightCircusThat would have to be The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. The hardcover of this was $32! If that isn’t extravagant spending on a book then I’m not sure what it. But it was so worth it because I completely adored this novel. It’s about a mysterious circus that’s only open at night. Beneath this circus’ breathtaking exterior there is a ancient magical feud playing out. The circus as it’s stage, the performers are the cast and the visitors are both audience and orchestra that can be played as needed. But Celia and Marco are the directors. At least, they think they are. It’s a mix of a magical fairy-tale, a carefree daydream, and a beautiful nightmare. And the cover is so pretty too. I cannot recommend this book enough, but you do need patience to read it, it’s really long with tiny, tiny print and can be a bit slow at time with all the description.

And that concludes Day 2! Bye guys!


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