Panicking about life!

Hi guys! Firstly, I’m so sorry it’s taking so long for me to get these book rants out! I have pretty much no time to read or write anymore and it’s a sad, sad time. I’m reading King Lear for school though (am I the only person who really enjoys reading Shakespeare?) I have about 100 pages left in Lady Audley’s Secret and part of the reason that it is taking forever is that it is on my iPad and not in book format and because the iPad isn’t mine, rather my families, I don’t always have it.  This will also be short because I have a Social paper to write but I need to freak out!

Anywho so today I went to the guidance office at school for career and university stuff. You all know that I want to be a nurse, I have been planning this for 3 years and it’s something I am really passionate about. My parents want me to be a doctor because, hey, money! On my little adventure in guidance I found out that although technically the average required is 85% the lowest mark they accepted last year was 88%. There are 100 seats in the freshman nursing class. For every 14 applications they received last year, they accepted 1.

AHHHH! I knew it was competitive and I would need 80s but over 88%!?!?! My average last year was 86% and in order for me to reach 88% average, I need 90% in English, 95% in Work Experience and to maintain 88 and 86 in Biology and Chemistry respectively, (I did grade 12 math last year and got 81%, it seemed good at the time…) And that is just to get them to LOOK at my application. PANIC! PANIC! And this isn’t just for one university, all of them in the province are like this. (well I didn’t look at Edmonton because, ew, Edmonton. 🙂 ) So that was my day. So much stress! And the only thing to do when stressed out is go for a run while listening to rock music then rant about it to the internet :D. Love ya guys, Kisses!

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