7 Deadly Sin of Reading Book Challenge


Hello everyone! I did the 30 Day Book Challenge sometime ago and I had a lot of fun and it was a great way to actually keep publishing stuff when I didn’t have something for you guys. So it’s challenge time again! This one I made up and it’s not nearly as good as Radiya’s was but I think it will also be some fun and it’s October so it seemed appropriate with the darkness and whatever! If you want to do this too, go for it! Pretty much what it is is for seven days there is a question about one of the seven deadly sins, but book related.

  1. Lust – What is a book that you read/bought  purely because of the way it looked?
  2. Gluttony – What is the most expensive book you’ve bought?
  3. Greed – What is a book that you keep to yourself?
  4. Sloth – What is a book that you never finish because of sheer laziness?
  5. Wrath – What character do you have a love/hate relationship?
  6. Envy – Who is the fictional character who’s life you are most envious of?
  7. Pride – What is a book that you are most proud of yourself for having read because it makes you feel distinguished/intelligent?

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