Book Rant: A Million Suns

10345927BOOK RATING: 65%

GENRE: YA, Science-fiction

Hi lovelies! Today we are discussing the second book in Beth Revis’ Across The Universe trilogy, A Million Suns. If you have not started this series the first book – Across the Universe – is about a girl named Amy who gets cryogenically frozen  to go on this spaceship to a new planet. But someone wakes her up 50 years early, almost killing her in the process.  Stuck on the spaceship Godspeed, Amy teams up with the leader-to-be, Elder, and tries to find her potential killer, before they get to her parents too.  If you haven’t read the first book you can shoo for now. In A Million Suns three months have past since Amy was woken up and Elder is now the leader of the ship, with no Phydus. While trying to discover a way to fix the engine, Elder discovers a shocking truth about the ship. Once again he and Amy are struggling to solve a mystery but this time everyone on Godspeed is at stake. All the while the ship is descending into a state of chaos as the once-drugged passengers realize they have freewill but they lack the regulation – both self and by others – that Amy took for granted back on Earth.  Spoilers past this point!






Now I don’t read a lot of Sci-fi for a reason. I get really frustrated with it really easily and I get really distracted while reading it. But this book picked up about half way through. The first half was painfully slow but then it just hit the ground running! I kind of had a hard time imagining Orion sitting down with himself and thinking “Damn, I think Elder and Eldest are on to me. What do i do? Oh I know! I’ll make a scavenger hunt for Amy!” I know it happens in a lot of books, but it never seems realistic. Doc at the end seemed really out of character as he has been established in Across the Universe and in this book. I didn’t see that coming. It seemed to psychopathic while Doc was portrayed as really level headed and rational.

For the first half of this book I was having a Bitterblue relationship with Elder. (glad they kept the name, that would have been slightly confusing). He was trying to be leader and i just got really sick of reading about him. It was at that point when I was “Oh what are you doing?!” When he’s in the library with Bartie there were so many arguments he could have made! Also, for the record Mary Antoinette never actually said “Let them eat cake.”On the other hand I guess most of the arguments I would have made you have been based around my knowledge of “Sol-earth”, knowledge which Elder obviously doesn’t have.  What I found weird is after Elder talks to the Shippers about the property of inertia, yet when they tell his the they have stopped he doesn’t think its strange. He just said that even if the engines were broken, they would keep moving because there is nothing to stop them is space.Therefore if the engines were shut off, they would still be moving. The only way they would be still if if some calculated the trust the would need against the forward movement to make them stop but not so much that they would then start going backwards, which would be almost impossible I imagine. Or if they were in orbit. Now for us, I’m pretty sure that would be basic knowledge. Even if you weren’t highly learned in physics. I think it was covered in grade 4 or 5 and if you thought about it for a second, it makes sense. Elder may not have this knowledge already in him, but clearly its on-hand in books. Besides which, the Shippers should know this stuff. So if someone said “we’re stopped” they’re immediate reaction should have been, “no, we can’t be.” I just found it so backwards that right after Elder explain inertia he didn’t question the “we’re stopped.”

What I though for most of this book was that they were like an “experiment” to see how humans would survive in a totally isolated biosphere and then something went wrong and they lost connection. Or maybe they deliberately cut connection but they could still tell what was going on or something. But I appear to be wrong on that. Darn, that would have been interesting to see how they would react. I would be pissed. The giant flaw in my plan of course was, why would they bother freezing people.

What I am confused about is, is Sol-Earth different from Centauri- Earth? Are they different planets? Or the same earth just hundred of years later? Because I thought they were different but Amy keeps referring to Centauri-Earth as “home.” I foresee some issues because humans are going to be the alien invaders. And as we know from science-fiction, it usually doesn’t end well for the invaders. I think if they pull a genocide kind of thing I’m going to have a lot of trouble sympathizing with the people off Godspeed. I’m reading Shades of Earth likely next month and I’m really curious about how this is all going to go down.

Bye my darlings! Thanks for your patience as this took me forever to read! Kisses.


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