Life Update

Hey guys!

So I am just going to give you a quick update on my life! I am a little over halfway done A Million Suns and almost all of that reading came from last night. On Tuesday night through a slightly embarrassing series of events, I partially knocked out one of my front teeth so I have been on three types of medication ever since. Pretty much it’s too inflamed at the moment for them to fix it so I am on pain killers, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics and I go back to the dentist on Tuesday to get all fixed up (hopefully!) So because of all this I am still behind in reading (sad face) but I managed to get more or less caught up with school. Yay!

My Social teacher is still being a jerk, he did pretty much the same thing again. But I am understanding Calculus and English is wonderful as always though I have tons of work in both. And drama is drama so obviously it’s amazing. I got moved up into a higher level of ballet (HURRAY!) so I am actually doing stuff that is at my level which is great. Sadly, one of my best friends is in the hospital for surgery. She has a cyst on her small intestine but they got her in for surgery right away (they found it 2 days ago) so she will be fine. I am so glad for our medical system right now. In very minor friend drama, one of my guy friends is being very smothering but that’s it.

I am going out with some girl friends tonight and I may or may not be in that race I mentioned last week which is tomorrow. I’ll see how I’m feeling. And Sunday I work again. So, that is my life as it stands. I’m so behind on my reading and I’m terribly sorry! I may have to move one of or maybe both Unravel Me and Lady Audley’s Secret to October. I own them both now though so its not a huge problem. We’ll see how it goes. I WILL finish A Million Suns this weekend though!  I will have a book rant for it up on Monday, if not you can all come and get me. It’s getting really intense though! I’m going to do some math then read a few more chapters before I head out.

And that’s it! Bye lovelies! Kisses!



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