So…That’s my Life…

Hey guys! So I’m going to level with you, I haven’t even picked up A Million Suns. This week has been insane, I am running off caffeine because I have barely slept.  But I have tomorrow free and Sunday morning so I will get on that! Promise!

My Social teacher is a jerk, he will assign crazy amounts of homework (specifically, read 10 articles about industrial revolution, group them,make notes and a web with key points from all…in one night. Plus find and analysis a political cartoon that is NOT about Syria yet is still current due in two days) so I will stay up until ungodly hours in the morning trying to finish and then work all through my lunch hour. I had an English test that involved having to read and memorize passages from an essay, didn’t do that. Had math homework to do because I’m in Math AP and I math is something I need to work at to do well in. That didn’t get done either. Somehow I managed to finish the Social work  and read the English essay over once on the bus ride to school. Get to Social class in 3rd period (right after lunch) and what does my teacher do? Haha JK LOL its not for marks! I’m not even going to look at it! But aren’t you glad that you now have that information to help you when we speak of this again NEVER. Hahahahahaha…NO! I failed an English test because of trying to finish your fucking assignment and now am two days behind in math! Could you not have mention that it wasn’t for marks, that we were’t even going to discuss or look at it BEFORE I spent 7-8 HOURS doing it?!

Now my next story I’m not entirely sure that I should be sharing but I’m going to do it anyway because we’re friends, right? So work today. Well, because of the flood the change rooms that are in the basement were wrecked and they haven’t been fully refinished yet. I think you see where I’m going with this. Anyway I walk down after just signing in to get an apron and whatever and George* (name changed as always) who is a waiter/ owners son is down there. He’s is half naked (top half) changing. If you know me, you know I don’t give a shit about this stuff. I’m a dancer and a drama kid and frequently go in these multi-day camping trips with other people who are not family. So I have seen plenty of people in various stages of nakedness. I also want to become a nurse and if seeing people half naked made me squeamish, then I seriously need to reevaluate my life goals. But I apologized because that’s the natural reaction when you have walked in on someone changing. George though seemed to think that I was really bothered by this because he’s 25 and we work together and whatever-whatever so he tried to “get rid of the awkwardness” which just made it awkward when is wasn’t before. And I’m half asleep for this. I am barely functioning. Then I was given two cappuccinos in the space of two hours so I was jamming out in the kitchen, singing to myself. And then I hurt my wrist carrying something heavy. And that was work. Yeah…

I also started dance this week. That was pretty fun. I’m taking contemporary, ballet and tap, same as last year. My classes are pretty good. I’m liking them. I’m just doing recreational stuff because I don’t have time for competitive, and I’m really not that good. My ballet class  was the only rec, one available for teens and has a few beginners so its slower than last year but I can work on technique and such while they learn the steps for the first time so it’s all good.

Oh and I am competing in a duathalon (running and biking) next weekend so that should be a good time.

So that’s my life right now. I will try and read but I do have some sleep to catch up on first. Bye lovelies! Kisses



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