One Lovely Blog Award & Reader Appreciation Award

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Hello guys! Charlotte of It Does Not Do to Dwell on Dreams and Forget to Live  nominated me for both these awards. Thank you so very much! For the “One Lovely Blog” Award I have to nominate people and write seven facts about myself. And for “Reader Appreciation” I answer 10 questions and nominate some more people

Nominations: I am just going to nominate 10 people instead of the 17 I’m supposed to. If I nominated you for one and you want to do the other as well, go for it! You are all equally nominated for both.

One Lovely Blog Award Nominees:

Chronicles of Radiya
The Day Dreaming, Candy Eating, Red Headed Bookworm
The In-Between Place
Mom With a Book
Read. Run. Study.

Reader Appreciation Nominees:

Jen’s Pen Den
What Comes Next
Bookshelves and Windows
Keep Watching the Words
I Geek Teen Books

One Lovely Blog, 7 facts time! This might be tough I’m trying to think of facts I haven’t told you guys yet.

  1. I write quotes (mostly song, a few book and movie) on my wall. Singular, I have this wall just full of black, painted quotes.
  2. I hate and despise golf with every fiber of my being. No offense to those who like it, it actually has nothing to do with the game itself its more  an event in my childhood that carried along emotional. I think that’s the best way to put it.
  3. I served the winning point for our gold medal game on my grade 8, Jr. A Volleyball team.
  4. I have the random desires to learn how to throw knives, fence and belly dance.
  5. I love Sara Bareilles, I think she has an amazing voice.
  6. I cannot fall asleep when its dead silent so I will either have my window open or listen to ocean waves sound-recording thing. Sometimes both.
  7. I really want to move to PEI when I’m finished university. I went these in grade 7 and I fell in love. I’m not sure if I could give up my mountains though.

Reader Appreciation, questions:

1. Favourite colour? Red!
2. Favourite animal? Dog for a pet, wolf as a wild animal.
3. Favourite non-alcoholic drink? Depending on the season, lemon water or hot chocolate with peppermint. And if you read my other 10 facts post you will already know this, over-sweet coffee drinks with thousands of calories.
4. Facebook or Twitter? I don’t have twitter so I’m going to have to say Facebook.
5. Favourite pattern? Poka dots.
6. Do you prefer giving or getting presents? Maybe this is a bit selfish, but getting. I love getting presents on holidays! But when people randomly give me gifts I’m never sure what to do, don’t get me wrong, I’m happy and really thankful, but mostly I’m like”Thanks you very much! But why?” then I will go get them something or do something nice back because I would feel guilty if they got me something and I didn’t do anything back. Sometimes giving is better. You know when you find the perfect gift and you are so excited to see them open it.
7. Favourite number? 19.
8. Favourite day of the week? Saturday because I work normally on Sunday and Friday.
9. Favourite flower? Any lily I really love but Tiger Lilies are my favorite.
10. What is your passion? Reading and I love biology and chemistry.

So that is all, thank you again Charlotte! Bye Guys!



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