What to do when you work in a kitchen and you have nothing to do but you need to look like you are doing something so your boss doesn’t yell at you

As you might have guessed, I had a slow shift at work tonight and therefore had NOTHING to do 80% of the night. However, I am expected to do something so I found ways to pretend to be busy while actually accomplishing somewhere between nothing and very little with minimal effort on my part.

  1. Find a small-ish plate/plater/dish/pan made of a silver coloured metal. Make sure it’s only used in the back of house, not front because what we are looking for is one that is clean, but use has made it dull. Scrub it until you could re-sell it as a mirror. Where I work we have 8 silver-coloured plates that are used to heat stuff in the oven but never leave the kitchen, making each one shinny again takes about 10 minutes. There you go, that killed some time.
  2. Peel onions, potatoes, carrots, apples, etc. Any fruit of veggie that can be peeled works really.
  3. Find an out of the way section of floor and sweep it. Depending how out of the way you are you can also take this time to sit for 5 minutes because you work 6 hour shifts and your feet are sore
  4. Discreetly take a picture of one of the silver plates/platers/dishes/pans that you scrubbed in #1 and post it on the internet saying it’s mirror just to see how many idiots believe you.
  5. If you have homework that involves writing, write it in your head. This also works equally well for blogs. WARNING: This one may cause you to spontaneously burst of into fits of grinning or giggles because, let’s face it, you’re hilarious – and sexy 😉
  6. Start the “end of shift cleaning” early by cleaning the counters. They will get just as dirty again before the end of the shift so you aren’t saving yourself any work later, but you are welcome to tell yourself that you are if it makes you feel better.
  7. Find a messy shelf/ closet/ storage space and play tetris with it until everything fits nicely.
  8. Play with the bubbles in the sink
  9. Have one of the super awesome and nice cooks make you food

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