Book Rant: Invisibility

Invisibility_zpsba164242BOOK RATING: 65%

GENRE: YA, Paranormal romance, fantasy

Hello all! I just finished Invisibility by Andrea Cremer and David Levithan. Essentially it is about this boy, Stephen , who is invisibly to everyone and always has been. He was born that way. But Elizabeth moves into his apartment building and she can see him for whatever reason. They then embark on a journey with Elizabeth’s younger brother, Laurie, to try and find a way to break Stephen’s curse. By doing so they discover not only secrets that lie hidden in Stephen’s past, but also ones that exist in Elizabeth’s future. I enjoyed the beginning of this book but a little over halfway through it stopped holding my interest and I just found it really dull. It was like they ran out of ideas and just tried to stretch it  for as long as possible before giving it a quick, halfhearted ending. I expected this book to leave me with a warm, fuzzy feeling and I feel a little indifferent about it. I won;t tell you to go out a grab this book right away, but if at some point you need a book to read you could go get it at the library because I don’t think it’s worth buying. But it’s not such a terrible book that I’m going to tell you not to read it. Spoilers past here.






The first 100-200 pages of this book I loved! I loved the idea because it set up a nice premise for a cute, sweet story. When we first meet Millie that was kind of the high point for me because we get everything explain and we are all set to go and then it just dies. it’s not like some book when if goes from great to falling-off-a-cliff terrible, this was more of a leisurely stroll down a mountain so it isn’t really until we get to the bottom that we notice how far down we really came. The ending is just annoying. He’s still invisibly, we didn’t accomplish anything so we are right back to where we were at the beginning. It made the book feel so pointless. Also if Elizabeth took some of the curse into her, by that logic shouldn’t his curse be weaker or lose some aspect of it? And did we just forget about the whole “this curse is killing him” thing? It’s mentioned then never spoken of again. This book feels like is was written by two different people (which it was) but instead of them working together for the whole thing, one of them wrote the first half then the other finished it.

Laurie is for sure my favourite character in this book. He is consistently the funny, uplifting, good conscious person. He’s more rational than Elizabeth and he’s stronger than Stephen. Elizabeth and Stephen I liked in the first bit of the book but then I got irritated with both of them. I can’t even tell you specifically what it was, but it was like the honeymoon period was over and they were just getting on my nerves. I found Elizabeth really irrational but still nothing seemed to be happening in the story. How is that possible? We have a girl who decides she;s going to go off on her own and fight, even though she’s not allowed to. Ok! Let’s do this! but nothing happens. It wasn’t interesting. it was very anti-climatic. Stephen is just so boring to read from. It’s the same thing over and over.

What I really liked was the way they described what curses looked like. That was really cool and I loved seeing the different types. Even Arbus’ ones that were really cruel were really fascinating to read about. The were so smart, terrible and sadistically, but intelligent. Which made them even scarier because a bad guy who mindlessly causes pain is much less scary than one who does everything specifically.

For some reason I thought that Elizabeth was going to be able to remove curses, but only if she transferred them to someone else. I don’t know why, but I was convinced that that was going to be a thing in this story. If that had happened I would have been ok with Stephen still being invisible at the end because he wouldn’t want to curse anyone else like he had been. But yeah no. I feel like eventually Elizabeth would be able to take the curse of Stephen, especially if she can take little bits at a time. Unless it can heal itself? I don’t know. The ending was just so unsatisfying.

I feel like there was a huge disconnect in this book. We didn’t get enough information or we got too much of the wrong information. Things would feel inconsistent or unnecessary. Saul seemed unnecessary. He didn’t need to be there for the story to progress and he didn’t add anything. We had Elizabeth asking Stephen to be her shield and that didn’t go anywhere, we had Millie say she was getting Elizabeth a shield a that didn’t happen so why even bother bringing it up? We learn that Arbus is the reason Saul has no eye and that Arbus is coming after Millie so Saul needs to protect her but he doesn’t.  Arbus gets to her anyway so having Saul even present was pointless. He adds nothing to the storyline. If they had made him less of a character that would have made sense. Say Spellseekers have shields for this reason and then just have him there like part of the setting. We know he’s there, you don’t have to reference him. When he’s dead you could have just said that, we didn’t need the locking in the room and whole coffee shop trip. A coffee shop? Really? I thought he was looking for Arbus. And if Laurie can move all the furniture, I think we can assume Arbus could too. So you just left Millie alone, with no way of escape where Arbus knows she is. Nice. Nice job. Good bodyguard-ing.

This book started off so well, I wish it could have stayed that way but it didn’t. It got to the point that I didn’t care really what characters lived or died (apart from Laurie! I wanted him alive!) and I became really indifferent about how this little battle ended. I wanted a conclusion though, and I didn’t get one. I needed more story about some things and less about others. Sometimes we would have a scene from Elizabeth’s POV then have it again from Stephens. Stuff needed to happen and it didn’t. That is all I have for this book! Bye guys. Kisses.



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