30 Day Book Challenge: Day 29


Hello, hello! Good morning everyone today we are on the second last day of the 30 day book challenge that I picked up from The Chronicles of Radiya 

Today’s question: What book is most like your life?


My life is quite terribly dull and I cannot imagine someone wanting to read a book about it. However I would have to say The Espressologist by Kristina Springer. It’s a cute, fluffy contemporary novel about this girl who works in a coffee shop and starts match-making using people’s drink orders. It’s like my life because the main girl is working part-time and going to school, she works with one of her best friends, she’s taking a course at the university (which I did in the late spring) and I most certainly have set up some friends before so, I thin that’s pretty close. Our jobs are different but other than that both the main character and I are just going through our final year of high-school and just trying to have a good time with it not knowing what to expect. I really hope I end up with a guy like she gets, it always seems to work out in these books so much nicer then in my life but I’ll work on it. 😉 I really want to know what my coffee order says about me but she never did mine in this book so I’m left wondering!

I will be back with you guys later for a Book Rant! Bye for now!


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