30 Day Book Challenge: Day 28


Hey you gorgeous human specimen! We are almost finished with the 30 Day Book Challenge! I picked this up from The Chronicles of Radiya  and it’s been a good time.

Today’s topic: What is the best book title?

Cloudy_with_a_Chance_of_Meatballs_(book)Now this one took me awhile because it’s just a title that I liked so I didn’t necessarily had liked the book or even to have to have read it, that that meant A LOT of choices. In the end I went with Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett. Come on, when you first saw that title, I don’t care how old you were, you just had to read it. It’s one of those titles that leaves you so confused and dazed that you have to read the book even if for no other reason than to figure out what the title means.

The book itself is just so great. If you haven’t read it, what are you doing with your life? I don’t know how it is even possible not to have read this book or had it read to you. But for some reason if you haven’t, just go do it! It’s a children’s book, it’ll take you all of 5 minutes. The move on the other hand, sucks. (Cue angry rant on stupid kids movies) It is so bad, they have defaced a national treasure! It doesn’t even come close to the story-line. There was no machine, no inventor, no weather girl, no talking monkey! It was a grandpa telling his grand kids about this town. In the town itself there isn’t even a main character!  The characters we get in the book are the kids and the grandpa, none of this other shit! Did the people who made the movie even read the book?! Or did they look at the cover and read the title and just decided that they had enough to go off of. If you cannot make a 2 hour movie out of a book, what is it you think you shouldn’t be doing?! When I was little they had these 30 minutes movie where someone read the book in voice over and there were animated, drawn pictures to go with it and the occasional random outburst of a song. And you know what? Little 5 year old me loved those! They were so entertaining! I didn’t have the attention span to sit through a 2-2.5 hour long movie. Hell, sometimes I still don’t! I’ll start watching a movie at home and then halfway through I’ll stop and go do something else like homework or laundry or read and maybe come back. I can still sit through Disney movies though (Yes I watch Disney movies. I watch them with my 19 year old brother and we have a good time of it) because Disney used to get how children were! They want bright lights, pretty colours, catchy songs and not to have the story drag out for 2-2.5 hours! they also put it jokes for the adults, that they aren’t allowed to do anymore. PEOPLE, THE SEXUAL JOKES IN DISNEY THE KIDS DON’T GET!!! I watch those movies now and I laugh at them because they are funny but as a kid I didn’t even process them. They weren’t so obvious that kids would ask about them either, the parents just gt a little chuckle while their kid was watching the fun, bright, story.  Who ever is making kids movies these days, stop! The humor in them now is so, lowest-common-denominator. Give the kids some credit, you don’t just have to go for the cheap laughs with potty jokes. Get your f***ing shit together!

So anyway, I like this title. I will talk to you guys tomorrow! Bye!


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