30 Day Book Challenge: Day 27


Hello beautiful people! More of the 30 Day Book Challenge! 3 Days left! This challenge I picked up from the ever wonderful Radiya of The Chronicles of Radiya.

Today we discuss: What was the most surprising plot twist or ending? ***THERE WILL BE SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY****

I love this cover because it's the same upside down!

I love this cover because it’s the same upside down!

Mr. Dan Brown is notorious for plot twists in all his books but Angels and Demons takes the cake.  When I read this I had never seen the movie and I would be reading this book at school because I couldn’t put it down and all the annoying people who had seen the movie kept saying things like “Ooh, are you at the twist yet?” or “Oh the ending is crazy! You won’t see it coming!” Even with that though and knowing there was going to be a twist, when it happened I put the book down and for a solid 15 minutes I was going “What?!” and going back through everything that had ever happened in this book trying to piece everything together.

In this book there are kind of two plot twists. the first one turns out to be a “fake” plot twist. When Maximilian Kohler comes in  thought that it was the plot twist the everyone was talking about and for that I was “Woah! Really? Woah! Didn’t see that coming!”  And then when we really get the truth my mind was blown that much more. I thought I had it all figured out. I didn’t suspect The Camerlengo at all. At all, at all. So where he took the only parachute in the helicopter i was really confused because it seemed like such an un-holy thing to do and he’s a man of the church. I just would expect a such a devoted person to sacrifice them self for this other person. But I still didn’t think he was behind everything. I was like, “ok he’s human, obviously the instinct for self preservation was there and took over.” and I was still convinced that it was Kohler. And then we see the tape and The Camerlengo is elected as the Pope  and then it’s just Ah! It was so well done. The best written plot twist ever. The Da Vinci Code had a plot twist too but I didn’t think it was as good. Maybe because I had already seen the movie and knew about it.

That is all! “And that its allllllll!” Ok bye guys! Kisses.

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