30 Day Book Challenge: Day 25


Hello! We are in the final stretch of the 30 Day Book Challenge! I stumbled across this on The Chronicles of Radiya ‘s blog. And it has been such a good time!

Today’s question: Who is a character you can most relate too?

I really wish I could say someone like Katniss or Tris who is brave and super smart and a bad-ass. But I can’t because I’m not. I like to compare myself to Tessa Grey because of the love of books we share but I’m not as funny or witty as Tessa and that girl is pretty freaking brave.

alice-in-wonderland-classic-disney-7662567-720-480Honestly I think I am very much like Alice from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Because I know where I want to go, and how I want to end up, but getting there is another story. She is also incredibly stubborn like me. My brothers are both stubborn too, but in different ways then I am. John’s more when he says an idea or plan out-loud it means he has thought it through and he will stick to that plan. I’m more “I started, I will finish and I am going to do it as well as I realistically can. I may not have thought this through very well to begin with but I started so it’s all or nothing.” And Duncan is more like John then me. When he gets an idea into his head, it’s stuck there. It’s a really good thing there has never been an issue that causes all 3 of us to be against each other because we would be there until judgment day. (*knock on wood*) So, back to the point, I am very much like Alice in my style of stubbornness.

Alice is also very sure of what she likes and what she doesn’t and through the story she really tries to find her self and who she is through process of elimination. I’m really the same way I have no idea who I am yet but through my life I have learned a bunch of things I’m NOT. I am not a tech person, I am not a public speaker and all these little things combined with some of the things that I have discovered I am but there really isn’t a whole picture yet. This is going to be totally cliche but its like a puzzle. You can see the picture on the back of the box that you want to create but in the meanwhile you are fumbling along with all the pieces upside down trying to make things fit so hopefully when you turn everything over you get the picture you wanted. (You have glued cardboard to the back of these puzzle pieces. It’s not a perfect simile.)

This sounds a lot like it’s a sad thing and it’s not meant to be. It’s just growing up, I may be a little lost but that’s half the adventure. I’m down the rabbit hole and while things can be a bit overwhelming sometimes all the puzzle pieces will fit eventually. Even if it doesn’t make the picture I was expecting.


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