100th Post! Also It’s My Birthday!

Guys, guys, guys! My 100th post is on my birthday. I am more excited about this then I probably should be but that happened. I can’t even take credit for planning it because I didn’t. Anyway I am 17 today and my grandmother is 81!  We share a birthday and I love it! I started off having a really bad day because my Papa forget it was my birthday and that was a bit of a downer. And then I had a really hectic morning because I had to go shopping for back-to-school stuff and that’s never fun on your birthday.  But I got to hang out with my grandparents and that was super fun. When we got home we did gifts.

I have the best little brother in the world. We don’t have Barnes and Nobles in Canada. In fact I didn’t know about Barnes and Noble until a year and a bit ago when I started looking into the book-tube and book-blog community. If you don’t know Barnes and Noble makes these gorgeous leather bound classic books. I mentioned them in passing to Duncan months ago and he remembered and told my mom about it and my parents and brothers got me six of these beautiful editions. The Picture of Dorian Gray, A Charles Dickens Collection, Dracula, The Wizard of Oz, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and To Kill a Mockingbird.

photo (2)

This is best birthday gift ever because they really are something I wanted but could never justify buying for myself. I’m shocked. I didn’t think Duncan was listening when I mentioned these much less that he would remember where to buy them and then get them for me. He also remembered that I love To Kill a Mockingbird and The Picture of Dorian Gray, they’re two of my favourite classics and I don’t even remember telling him that. He is so much a better person then I am.

And then the night got better. I went out to dinner to the restaurant where I work and everyone knew it was my birthday. I don’t know how but somehow they all did. When the bill was brought around the owner, Joseph, had paid for my Grandma’s and my meal!  I grabbed him before we left to tell him how thankful my Grandma and I were. I just love working there, it’s like having another family. So what started out as a not-great day turned into the best birthday ever.

That’s it for me! Bye guys, I love you all!  thanks so much for everything. 🙂


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