30 Day Book Challenge: Day 24


Hello again darlings! I had a morning shift again today so this is a little later again. The 30 Day book challenge was started by The Chronicles of Radiya .

Today’s question:  what is a book that you wish more people would read?

60510I am going to go with the Study Series my Maria V, Snyder. The first book is Poison Study and I did a book rant on it forever ago. Personally I love these books so much, especially the first one and no one seems to know them! Having said that I am now going to get a million people say that they have read them too. It’s high fantasy in this medieval-ish world. The country we are in used to be ruled by a king but now it’s ruled by “The Commander” and it’s more of a war state. Yelena, our main girl, is a prisoner of The Commander and she’s been accused of murder and her sentence is death by hanging. On the day of her execution, Valek, head of  security for The Commander, offers her a choice: she can either be hung or she can become the new food tester for The Commander. It’s really fast paced and just a great series that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Sorry these post are so short as of recent, I am having a crazy week. Not bad crazy but busy crazy. Bye all! Kisses!


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