30 Day Book Challenge: Day 22


Greetings! It’s time for more of all the Challenges! I picked up The 30 Day book Challenge from  The Chronicles of Radiya  and she’s super amazing so go check her out!

Today we discuss: Who is your favourite villain? 

imagesLong-John Silver from Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. My older brother read me this book when I was either in pre-school or kindergarten so I was a young’un! While my parents restricted the TV and movies we could watch when we were little like all parents, books were really free game. If we could get our hands on it and read it,  it was ours to read. On the one hand that was a really good thing and I really appreciate it because it probably started my passion for reading, on the other hand Long-John Silver scared the daylights out of me.

What creeped me out most about Long-John is that he could make me like him and feel sorry for him no matter what. He would do something terrible and then he’d be charming and I would feel bad for him and want to be his friend and then he’d do something horrible again and the cycle kept repeating. It scared me so much that there could be this person who was so obviously a bad guy but I was still charmed by him and kept believing in him to be good again and again. Especially at that age when Disney was a lot of what I was watching, most stories you hear there are good guys and bad guys, you like the good guys and you hate the bad guys. And this book wasn’t as defined. So that’s what made his scarier than all other villains, he was a bad guy who could trick you into thinking he was a good guy. Not just once but again and again.

And now I have grown up and know a person like this! He’s not a murderer obviously, but he has the same traits.  I’ll  talk to you guys later.



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