30 Day Book Challenge: Day 21


Good morning my darlings! Time for more of the 30 Day book Challenge started by The Chronicles of Radiya 

Today’s question: What is you favourite book from your childhood?

000583I already did Harry Potter so I’m going to go with The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien. I read this book during the  summer before grade 5 (actually I read it twice that summer, my brothers still tease me about that.) My Papa loves these books and my older brother had read them earlier that year so I didn’t want to be left behind! This series really made me fall in love with the fantasy genre. The writing is amazing and  I loved the stories. And all the characters are just so perfect and well rounded and they’re amusing and their relationships with each other are very well developed. I actually had crushes on Legolas and Aragorn for a long time (I still do ;)) and they move in the same circle so it’s hard to juggle them sometimes.

I also adore the movies even though I wasn’t allowed to watch them for a long time. Allowed be the key word, I did watch them when my parents weren’t home. MWHAHAHAHA! The Hobbit I read the next year and I loved that one just as much. And The Hobbit  movie is amazing but three parts? Really? I can read the book is less time then it will take to watch all three movies! Peasants, all of them.

Ok that is all for today! Bye guys! Kisses!


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