30 Day Book Challenge: Day 19


Hello all! Welcome to Day 19 of the So Day Book Challenge started by The Chronicles of Radiya. Now I messed up. Day 4 should have been this question and today should have been day 4. Oops! So I just flip them.

Today’s (day 4’s) question is: What is the worst movie adaptation of a book?

Blood_and_chocolateBlood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause was written in 1997 and I read it probably 2007/2008? It’s a paranormal romance book before that genre was really popular, I’m pretty sure it was the first one I read. It’s about this werewolf, Vivian, whose pack is in chaos.  Their leader (also Vivian’s father) was killed by humans and now they are spread thin trying to blend into the human world. Vivian know she could have her pick form any of the young males of the pack, but her attention is caught by Aiden. He’s sweet, charming, and…a human. Although he brings much needed normality into Vivian’s hectic world, the pack frowns on her decision. Even more so because they are undergoing a huge change: It’s time to bury the past and pick a new leader. And the most promising candidate has his eye on Vivian for his mate. Vivian’s already strained loyalties stretch even further when a string of brutal murders threatens the pack. What is she really—human or beast? Which tastes sweeter—blood or chocolate? I really, really enjoyed this book. You get lost in it like that. It’s horror, it’s romance, it’s mystery it’s just a fantastic story.

And the movie doesn’t even come close. You can’t even consider them the same thing because the movie resembles the book as much as a blueberry resembles the sky. They are both blue, and that’s it. They changed the characters, they changed the plot, they changed the ending the only thing they kept constant was the names. As a lover of the book, it was personally offensive what they had done to it. The whole thing was a train wreck but the ending made me so furious. They changed good guys into bad guys, erased all the mystery and while the book has a decently happy, resolved ending, the movie’s ending was unsatisfying and unhappy and just not resolved AND the total opposite of the book’s ending when it comes to Vivian’s choices.

Read the book, and love it’s magnificent glory. Then go buy the movie and use it for target practice.

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