Book Rant: Heart of Glass



GENRE: YA, Historical Fiction

Hello all! I just finished Heart of Glass by Sasha Gould which is the sequel to Cross my Heart which I read bit ago. I don’t have a book rant about the first one because I was reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone around the same time and I think we know what took precedent there. I was really surprised by these book mostly because I picked up the first one because of its cover and somehow came to the conclusion in my mind that they were fantasy. They differently aren’t which isn’t a bad thing but I was surprised nonetheless. The story takes place in 16th century Venice. First book is about Laura, she’s the daughter of a merchant but her family is poor. She was sent to a convent by her father so her sister, Beatrice, could have one large dowry opposed to both of them having two small ones. Without warning, Laura is pulled away form the convent and sent home to her father and once there she learns that Beatrice has drowned and that she must uphold the family name by marrying Beatrice’s fiancé, a repulsive (and very rich) old merchant named Vincenzo. Horrified by the idea, Laura seeks help from the Segreta, a secret society of women running Venice who deal in only one currency: secrets.  Soon, Laura finds herself deeply tangled in something she never intended to be a part of and somehow she finds herself falling for a mysterious stranger, Giacomo. That is the first book. It’s really good, 90%. If you haven’t read the first book you may leave and go do that. If you have read the first book but not the second here is the non-spoilery summary: Laura is engaged to Roberto and comfortably secure in the ranks of the Segreta. It seems too good to be true.  The night Laura is (finally) sent on her first important mission for the Segreta, Roberto is found with the body of a dead woman in his room. Days later, while Roberto sits in prison, a handsome Turkish prince, Halim, arrives for a diplomatic visit to the city. He takes a shine to Laura and asks her for a tour of Venice. Although she is miserable about her true love being locked in a cell, her father is thrilled. How could she refuse? Things take a turn for the worst when Halim identifies the dead woman as his sister and insists that Roberto be executed for her murder or there will be a war. With the Segreta refusing to help, Laura sets out on her own to save her love and her city. That it is for the non-spoilery summaries! Spoilers beyond this point so if you haven’t read Heart of Glass I will see you later! Bye!






I don’t know about anyone else but I found this book really predictable. The first one kept you on your toes and you had to keep dancing around these twists that kept popping up but this one was like a straight street in broad daylight. As soon as the action comes in you can tell exactly how its going to turn out.  Paulina is the spy, Carina is somehow magically alive, Halim is trying to start a war and after Laura went to the convent you understand that his sister is alive and he faked her death. The only part the really surprised me was Vincenzo re-appearing. Him working with Halim wasn’t a huge shock because we already knew from the first one that he was a traitor. So while this book was much faster paced then the other, it lacked the mystery that made me really like the first one.

I rated this book as high as I did because although very predictable, the book did hold my attention I was reading until early hours of the morning. I really like the characters, I wanted it to work out for them. I guess there is a third book coming out at some point because we never dealt with the Carina problem, she escaped again. I didn’t like her in this book. It’s so typical. “You think the villain died? Oh, oh, now they’re mysteriously back with no logical explanation as to how they survived!” The book could have gone without her, she was really unnecessarily brought in. Paulina could have been working with Halim, if you want you can have had it so he was blackmailing her so she’s not a completely bad person but the situation with Roberto is her being petty because we already saw in the first one that she is a very petty, jealous person. She comes to the Segreta trying to get rid of a women who laughed at her. It was already established in such a way that Carina was totally unnecessary.

Overall I loved the characters, loved the actual writing style, the story was face paced but predictable. You can get lost in this book really easily but the first one was better.  So that’s it! I will have my Day 15 of the 30 Day book Challenge up in probably 5-10 minutes I just have to finish writing a paragraph. Bye lovelies!


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