10 Random Facts About Me

Hello darlings. So I have been doing a lot of book stuff lately and haven’t really talked about my life. However, I have done nothing but work this summer. When I am not actually at work, I am working for my parents who own their own company. I went out with some girl friends of mine a few times and I’ve been to the city to get groceries. Yeah…growing up! So fun! I  sprained my left wrist and burnt my right hand (In separate, different events) and that has really been all that has happened. Whenever I have a spare minute I am reading or writing these blogs (or watching TV/  YouTube videos.)  Yeah it’s fun stuff. But still I wanted to give you all something that wasn’t strictly reading related so I’m going to give you 10 thrilling facts about myself. You can comment some facts about yourself and this way we can all be a little closer. 😀

  1. I don’t eat anything that comes from the sea. It’s gross and yucky and I don’t like it.
  2. My favourite colour is red
  3. My guilty pleasure is over-sweet coffee drinks. I love to go to Starbucks and try different drinks but always end up coming back to my usual (which is a  triple grande caramel macchiato with whip and extra caramel, do with that information what you will) or in the summer I love to go to Tim Hortons and get an IceCapp. I love Timmies, I don’t care that I’m being so stereotypical, it’s freaking delicious. There are like 1000 calories per cup with all these coffee drinks and they are so good I drink them anyway and then feel guilty about it.
  4. I am allergic to pineapple, mushrooms, tobacco (No I have never smoked, I had this allergy test when I was 12), penicillin and some seafood though I can’t recall any specifics for you but like I said in #1 I don’t eat any of it anyway. I have really weird allergies, I know.
  5. I have never seen a James Bond movie all the way through. The one I have seen the most of is Skyfall but I got to the theater late and missed the beginning.
  6. I don’t like the title of this blog. The site asked for a title and I panicked and picked the first few words that came to my head that were related to books (I don’t know how dreams got dragged in). And was going to change it right away but that never happened and now it’s kind of too late. It sounds like a child thought it up and I’m not proud of it. So…honesty.
  7. I really like to iron clothing. It’s relaxing.
  8. I love the movie Tombstone. It’s a western film and it’s really good. I know one person outside of my family who has watched it.
  9. I love lemons and all lemon-like food
  10. I am terrified of using table-saws. My Papa asked me to help him cut some wood on one once and I ended up in tears I was so frightened.

Those are my 10 random facts! I had a good time. I hope you all did as well. Bye all! Kisses!



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