Book Rant, Novella Edition: Destroy Me

13623150BOOK RATING: 85%

Hello my lovelies! I stand pretty firmly on the physical book train when it comes to reading. I just prefer paper, and I like having a wall of books to look at. They’re pretty. But these novellas no longer come in physical book format and I wanna read them! So last week I bowed to social pressure and bought books 1 and 4 of the Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan (I know. I didn’t know the proper order so I bought the first and then the one that was beside it on the iBook store which turned out to be number 4) and “Destroy Me” by Tahereh Mafi on my family’s iPad. I really wanted to read “Destroy Me” because as I mentioned in my Shatter Me Book Rant, I hated Warner and I was told in a comment from stephaniesbookreviews (thanks) that “Destroy Me” would make Warner’s character make more sense especially as to why people like him. If you haven’t read Shatter Me this will not make any sense so you can go do that. If you have read Shatter Me but not “Destory Me”, this novella is told from Warner’s POV after Juliette has shot him and escaped. It’s interesting for sure and I’m really glad I read it before I start Unravel Me because it has a lot of key info on Warner. I feel as if I just went straight to Unravel Me without reading “Destroy Me” I wouldn’t like it as much. Having said that I haven’t yet started Unravel Me so I have no clue what that’s like. So if you’re on the fence about maybe picking it up, go do it. It’s $3 or something super cheap and it takes about an hour to read. Spoilers as always past this point.






Having read this, I know longer completely hate Warner, I just really pity him. I still don’t like him for that child stunt. I know it’s a simulation and I’m really glad that that was explained to us. I think that is a detail she NEEDS to repeat in Unravel Me because you cannot expect all your readers to have read the novella. And that’s a really key detail I thought because it makes Warner seem more human because he has that moral line that he won’t cross. I still don’t like him for it, I think it was a cruel and usual punishment for something she couldn’t control and just really selfish of him.

Warner’s dad I want to stab in the face whenever he speaks. He’s just not a nice person, he’s a control freak, he’s paranoid, he’s a sadist, just not a good time. He’s trying to hunt down and kill Juliette because he’s figured out about the group of these super human peoples. I shouldn’t have been surprised that the super people manages to keep their fortress hidden but I was. I expected them to find it in this novella then realized that that couldn’t possibly happen because then what would there be to do in the second book?

I don’t like Warner form reading this book. I really pity him, he seems like the loneliest person who just wanted a friend. The part where he goes into his simulation and it’s his father killing him, my heart ached for him. But I don’t like him. Feeling bad for him isn’t liking him. I still don’t want him with Juliette. I think he’s not really thinking about this rationally. He wants to kill Adam but if he does Juliette isn’t going to automatically love him instead. If anything she would hate him more. He doesn’t understand social interactions other than those with his troops. I’m not blaming him for this because that’s probably how he was raised but he hasn’t really thought through his whole plan.  I do want Warner’s life to get better though, because it really sucks. He has absolutely no one and all his troops hate him and wish he was dead but are terrified of him so they obey. I also liked how we learned about how he walks about with the citizens to see how they are doing and we learn that the man he killed in Shatter Me was because he beat his wife and kids. It was really upsetting that his dad had to be a jerk and then go kill them too. Pretty much my intense hatred has shifted from Warner to his father.

Over all this book was really interesting and I liked it and it was really great to have Warner’s character explained. That is it for now. Bye Guys! Kisses!



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