30 Day Book Challenge: Day 12


This is the 30 day book challenge! Made by The Chronicles of Radiya and we are on to day 12!

Today’s question: What is a book you used to love but don’t anymore?

I could only find a picture with the first 8

I could only find a picture with the first 8

I don’t really have a book that I used to love and now I hate. I have some love-hate relationships with books. But it’s never I was in love with it and then we broke up and now aren’t speaking.  I do have a series but it wasn’t like I started out liking them all then hated them all, I still like the first few books but as the series progressed I became less and less ok with them.  I am referring to the House of Night Series by Kristin Cast and P.C. Cast. What are there, like 10 books?! It’s that kind of series, when you want to know what happens so you read it then it tortures you. The first one, Marked, I remember really enjoying. I started it end of grade 7 I think and this book could have been a stand alone. It gets all nicely warped and the writing wasn’t outstanding but it was a good, entertaining read. The second one is Betrayed and I didn’t like it was as much but I was still ok with this story. And then the first half of Chosen I didn’t hate. Then something happens and you’re like “That’s annoying” and then the annoying thing drags out from the next million books! I have read up until Burned which is #7 and nothing makes sense anymore. It’s unexplained, it’s like someone wrote this while drunk and tripping on acid. And not only that, but nothing is happening! If you condensed all the action of things happening from books 4-7 you might get 300 pages. Each book is about 250-300 pages, give or take, so in 1200ish pages stuff only happens in 300 of them. Zoey, the main character. I am mentally killing her. She has all these Goddess given super power and you know what Nyx? You fucked up on that one. Poor judge of character. Zoey is not a leader, she’s stupid, weak, and a slut. I’m supposed to feel bad for her?! Oh I was sleeping with three guys and they found out and now none of the like me! Poor me! NO! NO! I’m not going to feel bad for you! Check yourself before you wreck yourself! And the characters are so flat, the don’t change at all. Except to have the people you thought were good in the first book to turn evil. And I wouldn’t mind this if there was so explanation but it just happens overnight. And there are ways that you can write it so Zoey or the other character don’t see it coming, but your reader has to at least be suspicious! And the characters have all fallen into incredibly static, stereotypical ruts. It’s gets to the point where I am feeling offended on behalf of other people. And worst is there is no apparent motive for the bad person.  That are destroying things simply for the sake of it. We don’t know what they are trying to achieve. This series has wasted a lot of my life. If I had a garbage can and a match all but the first book (and maybe the second but that one has a cliff hanger I’m 90% sure.) would be gone.

Woah these last topics have made me mad. The next one won’t be ranting! There may be gushing over my favorite author, but no ranting. Probably. I actually don’t know my mind tends to wonder, I might get side tracked. Ok I promise that the majority of the next challenge won’t be me ranting angrily. 🙂



  1. I 100% agree with your choice for this one! I started off enjoying these books and then they just went down hill quickly, I think it was the half bird romance that finally did me in. I’m still determined to finish them because I’ve invested so much time in the damn story now, but I refuse to be happy about it! 😛 I used this for the first day of my 30 day book challenge, it was a lot of fun to rant about!

    • I want to keep going because I really want to see how it ends! But they make me so angry I want to stab everything! The half bird thing and then Neferet’s sleeping with a bull?! What?! What am I reading? What is this? I don’t understand what is happening! I am just so frustrated and done! I have a plan though, when the last book comes out (Another one comes out in Oct. but I’m not sure if it’s the last) and then I will read the last chapter so I can have closure. Or I’ll read a synopsis. I haven’t decided yet but one of those two. Thanks for reading 🙂

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