Book Rant: Poison Princess



Hello all! Today we are talking about Poison Princess by Kresley Cole. This book really wasn’t what I was expecting, but it was really interesting. And a really unique idea. The way this book is written is that you never have all the pieces until the very last page. We start out with the world has been destroyed by “The Flash” and we have no clue what that means except humanity is pretty much gone. This guy Arthur has set up his house like a trap and there is a girl Evie, trying to decide whether or not she wants to go inside. We don’t know why Arthur has this trap or what he’s going to do once she’s inside but he says once she’s in, she’s not getting out. Evie comes inside and he tells her to go sit by the fire then he brings her hot chocolate (laced with a drug to make her docile) and stew. Then he tells her he wants to hear her story about how the Flash affected her life and he records it for “records for the future generations” but really he wants background of his victims. Most of the story is told as Evie recounting her life in the past year. She thought she was insane because she kept seeing these visions of the world turning to ash and dust and she tried to ignore them and live her life normally as a 16 year old with great friends and a super-hot boyfriend. But then her visions come true and suddenly almost everyone she has ever known is nothing more than dust in the street and shadows in her memory. Evie knows that everything traces back to her grandmother and the tarot cards she used to make her study. Desperate for answers and fighting to survive, Evie (reluctantly) turns to Jackson Deveaux, who swore to Evie’s mother that he would protect her. Question is, is he up for the job? It’s another one of those books that kept me theorizing like a mad woman and I love it! It is part of a series, I didn’t realize that and I got 25 pages from the end and was trying to figure out how on earth they were going to resolve this in such a short time.  But there is a sequel, Endless Night, that comes out in October.  Spoilers as always past this point.






I really liked this book, but it didn’t hold my attention as well as some other books have. It was one where I’d read a bit then go do something else, then read some more, then get distracted. But it was a really good idea. It just started out really slow. But all the questions it kept bringing up just made me wonder even when I was doing something else. I think one of the big things were characters. Characters are make or break for me. I am a firm believer of if you have really really good, developed characters and relationships, you can tell a story about them eating a sandwich. If you have not so great characters a good story idea will turn kind forgettable and if you have awful characters a brilliant plot can just fall flat. I have to care about the people I’m reading about! Otherwise it doesn’t work because I don’t care what happens to them. These characters (main ones) definitely fall into the “meh, ok” category. This story is about tarot characters! You could make them larger than life.  There is no “too big.” At the end we have Evie become that giant, character that she needed to be but through most of the book she was very forgettable and I didn’t feel attached to her. The minor characters like Matthew, Arthur and Finn are just such perfect examples of this they are completely their character. So is Selena but I don’t really know what to think about her. I don’t understand her, which is the point I suppose. But Jack and Evie, very typical, very forgettable, nothing that makes me feel emotional about them or their relationship. And then at the end Evie comes in to herself and she become this character, this empress. It was a little too late in the story for me to feel really attached to her in this book but high hopes for the next one!

The Zombies. There really isn’t a lot of rhyme or reason in this Flash so I guess these zombies make sense. Some people spontaneously combusted, some turned to zombies, some were fine. What I gathered  was that if you were underground, you were fine, inside (assuming your building didn’t catch fire) your brain got friend and turned into a zombie and if you were directly hit you turned to ash. And what made some houses burn and others not I have no clue. Simply materials, maybe? And girls just didn’t survive as well. I’m probably going to put this down as it was about 50/50 for the survival initially, but then (just being honest) guys are stronger and if there are potentially lethal fights for food/supplies, fewer girls would make it. Either they wouldn’t risk it or lose and starve or be killed or lose and be take by a bad guy. This book painted guys in a decently bad light, I refuse to believe that 98% of them would turn into killing rapists. You have to have some self control and moral compass.

Overall this book was interesting and a really creative idea. I loved the mystery to it but the characters feel flat. I’m really excited to read the next one though.


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