30 Day Book Challenge: Day 11


Hello! Welcome back to the 30 Day book Challenge! Started by The Chronicles of Radiya

Today we answer the question: What is a book you hated?

The-Last-Battle-CoverThe Last Battle be C.S. Lewis. This is the last book in the Narnia series, and this is a series I LOVED! I adored these books but this book I do not like to even consider part of the series. Spoilers and a rant ahead!!!!






I HAVE SO MUCH RAGE WITH THIS BOOK! Maybe it’s because I’m not a religious person and this book was more biblical than the others. I’m sure C.S.Lewis thought that having the kids die and then having them go to heaven after Aslan was a total ass and destroyed the universe for people believing in the wrong God was a wonderful happy ending. But it just made me so FRUSTRATED! Aslan’s God but does he come in and help? NOOOOO! He kills the children (cause you know he’s God, technically responsible) so they can come in a try to sort out this mess. They fail miserably and THEN he only come in to smite people who believe in something different. You believed in Tash? Psh. Sucks to suck! You picked the wrong deity, peasant.  So the kids are all in heaven now except for Susan because she no longer believe in Narnia so fuck you Susan! You’re on your own! And the way it’s written it’s like you are supposed to feel bad for Susan for still being alive but also hate her for no longer believing in Aslan. Oh everyone else is so lucky! They’re dead! Yay! Because that’s a GREAT message to give to children. We should all believe in Aslan then go jump in front of trains! And if someone doesn’t believe in the same God you do, fucking kill those bitches. In the other books the evil side was more obviously evil like the white witch was turning people to stone and making it always cold and then the Telmerine King was going to kill Caspian and had taken over Narnia and were just a really corrupt. But in this story the people believed in Tash who was the “wrong God.” I mean you do have Shift who’s being clearly evil but the other people there, some believe in Tash and some genuinely think the fake Aslan is Aslan but NOPE SMITE THEM ALL! No joke, when I move out and have to buy my own copies of these books, I am getting rid of this book/ not buying it. Depends on whether I get a box set or not. (Along with The Horse and His Boy because that one was kind of boring. Actually I might keep that one and just never read it.)



  1. Haha you really hated it. I’m mad because it feels like Lewis wasn’t telling a Narnia story, just a biblical one and while that is all fine and dandy, this is a part of the Narnia series and marketed towards children. I mean, seriously? You can’t just destroy the land we loved for so long like that and not expect us to be angry. But maybe you have to be religious to enjoy it because on Goodreads I was surprised by how many people rated it four stars, so I read their reviews as I was curious on what was going on through their head. And I kept reading about beliefs and religion and all that stuff, so maybe to really get the story you have to be a Christian which is no surprise why it went over my head. Great post! 🙂

  2. Exactly. “Better Narnia” no! I want the old one! I read this book when I was 10 or something and I was crying and mad and just so frustrated! (I might have thrown a bit of a temper-tantrum.) I think the part that I hated most was that the kids were dead. You can’t just kill off 5 of your main characters of the series at once! It’s not right! I completely agree, if I was religious I might like it more because it’s really, really biblical compared to the others. Thanks and thank you for the comment 🙂

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