Book Rant: Envy



BOOK RATING: 50% Or 85% (Oh my God, So much love-hate with this series!)

Hello again! Today we are discussing the second book in the Fury trilogy by Elizabeth Miles, Envy. I don’t think I have ever had a  love-hate relationship with a series like I have with this one. I want to stab this book with a basilisk fang! And at the same time I cannot stop reading it and I want to buy all the books and I want the last book out now because I need to know what happens! I almost gave up on this book in the first half because I hated everyone and then the last half I picked it up again at 11pm and didn’t put it down until I finished at 1am. If you have not started this series, it is essentially about the Furies which are spirits of vengeance. They are like karma and they are bitches.  I have to hand it to Elizabeth Miles, the writing is fantastic. There are more details in the non-spoilers section of my Fury Book Rant, so go read that if you haven’t started the series. If you have read Fury but not Envy, it’s now springtime and Zach has moved away. JD still isn’t talking to Em but Gabby and her are working things out. Even though the furies are supposedly gone, Em is still feeling haunted. Recruiting her new friend, Drea, Em starts to dig into the furies past, hoping to banish them for good. All the while Em can’t ignore the mysterious boy who seems to be following her. Meanwhile, a new girl in town by the name of Skylar is determined to leave her family’s dark past behind. She makes it her mission to become everything she’s always wanted to be. And that means popular. Naturally she’s thrilled when Gabby takes her under her wing, and when she runs into a beautiful older girl named Meg who offers to give her a major makeover and helps her climb the ladder to the top.  That’s it for the non-spoilery section! Spoilers beyond this point where we shall discuss all the things.





There is still this ginormous plot hole that I talked about in the first books book chat. They didn’t fix in in this book, they kind of threw a shovel full of dirt into into it and then called it quits even though its still this huge black hole eating earth. We learn that Sasha summoned the Furies to Ascension which narrows down the number of bad people the Furies have to chose from but lets look at their list here:

  1. Chase: Responsible for the suicide of Sasha, he was punished by being humiliated in front of the school, then killed by being thrown off the same bridge Sasha jumped off of.
  2. Mr. Langdon: Teacher who was having an affair with one of his 16-year-old students then let her drown as to not expose their relationship, he was punished by falling under the ice of a frozen pond (and drowning obviously).
  3. Skylar: She was responsible for her older sisters permanent brain injury, Gabby’s near death, and theft. She was punished by having a gazebo collapse on her causing injury to make her permanently ugly.
  4. Em: kissed her best friend boyfriend. Her original sentence was death, then it changed to JD’s death and finally they settled on making JD hate her and taking Em’s soul.

One of these things is not like the others, one of these things does not belong. (You just sung that, didn’t you?) This just bugs me because it is so silly that Em is involved in this. There are probably at least another 20 girls at that high-school who have either cheated on their bf or kissed a guy who wasn’t single. I cannot get over this one fact. It’s just too far fetched.

Let’s talk about Skylar for a bit. She’s this new character. And she’s a fucking bitch! Em I had sympathy for throughout the first book because she was doing a bad thing but she wasn’t a bad person. And I found Em much stronger than Skylar and more relatable too.  Granted Em had (has) her moments when I wanted to slap her (i.e.: Kissing Crow. You gotta stop kissing random guys. If your in love with JD and you keep saying you are, you gotta stop this.) but I don’t mind Em on the whole. Skylar on the other hand, ahhhh. She has this whole Macbeth situation going on where she talked to the three witches and they said stuff (never told her to do it or even what to do, she thought of that all on her own) and they she just went all self-fulfilling prophecy. I really have zero sympathy for Skylar’s character. She’s really vein and she doesn’t care about other people at all. They are just stepping stones for her to use or over come. “The prince of Cumberland! That is a step/ On which I must fall down, or else o’erleap/ For in my way it lies.” I do like how Chase was reading Macbeth in the first book and now we have this whole story line. Foreshadowing. Love it. But yeah. Hate Skylar.

Em’s storyline was really confusing. There are a lot of holes. A lot of  questions unanswered. Crow is another new character. He’s psychic or something, and can sense bad things are going to happen. He’s a weird character and we don’t know a lot about him. Personally I like him with Em, and I think JD should be more of Em’s friend again. Drea and the ending. WHAT?! It sounds like she just went bat-shit crazy. None of that made sense. Seriously, what? Em is apparently becoming a Fury but there can be only three of them so she is replacing Ty? Or are they going to break tradition and have 4 of them? Or are there four for a bit while Em is in training to be a heartless bitch then she replaces one? Or there are two other girls in town turning into Furies as well? So many questions and never getting any answers! Getting more questions. But that’s not helpful. I will read the third book when it comes out in September. That book has A LOT of sorting out to do. I am just so frustrated with this series right now!

Well that it, bye guys! Let me know your thoughts! Kisses!


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