30 Day Book Challenge: Day 5


Hello again my lovelies! Time for more of the Book Challenges thought up by The Chronicles of Radiya 

Today we have the question: What is a book that makes you happy?

Well. my go-to happy book is Reincarnation by Suzanne Weyn, but I already did that one on Day 2. So my runner up is The Juliet Club by Suzanne Harper. This is another cute, fluffy, little romance novel that when you read it you just have to smile because it’s so simple and happy. It’s about this girl who has just gone through a nasty break up but she’s in Verona, Italy for the summer for this Shakespeare study program and she falls in love. You cannot read this and feel sad because it has such a warm feeling to it and it’s funny. This book was written to be read in the sun which I exactly what I did last summer when I discovered it. So I just adore this book. It so sweet and every teenage girl’s dream.

That was a really short blurb. But there’s more tomorrow on Day 6! I will see you then! Bye!



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