Book Rant: Enchanted

I LOVE her dress! This cover is gorgeous

I LOVE her dress! This cover is gorgeous


Hello again! I lied to you all and I’m sorry! I forgot I had a Book Rant to do. Enchanted by Alethea Kontis. I enjoyed this book more then I expected to actually. It’s incredibly cute. Essentially Alethea Kontis took a bunch of fairytales and combined them into this one amazing world. Sunday is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and her family and how each daughter acts is based off the children’s poem “Monday’s child is fair of face / Tuesday’s child is full of grace / Wednesday’s child is full of woe/ Thursday’s child has far to go / Friday’s child is loving and giving / Saturday’s child works hard for a living / But the child who is born on the Sabbath Day / Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.” Sunday also had an older brother Jack Jr. and an adopted brother Trix. Jack and Tuesday have both tragically died and Monday and Thursday have both fallen in love and left home. Sunday’s greatest comfort in life is writing stories, however they tend to have the horrible misfortune of coming true.  One day while writing in her favourite secluded spot in the forest, Sunday meets a frog and soon the two become friends. One night Sunday kisses him goodbye then leaves, not knowing that he has transformed back into Rumbold, the crown prince of Arilland. Rumbold also happens to be the man Sunday’s family blames for their son’s death and despises more then anything. Can Rumbold make Sunday love the Prince he is rather than just the frog he was? And will her loving him tear her already broken family apart? That’s it for the non-spoilery summary! It’s a really cute, feel-good book for fairytale lovers. Spoilers beyond this point!





Okay! So i just loved all of the fairytale tie ins! I love that they live in a “shoe” made out of Rapunzel’s tower and I love the little gold ball the frog gave them and the bean stalk. All of it! love, love, love! The mother is so much like the evil step- mother in Cinderella but she also has these moments where she’s actually nice.  And Jack. I so much enjoyed how they said they kept hearing stories about Jack because I feel like its such a common fairytale male name. They guy is either Prince Charming or Jack.

That ending. Woah. I have never been so confused. I had to keep re-reading pages because I’d get to the bottom and have no clue what had just happened. That might just be in part because I was really tired but the whole Wednesday is a goose and the King and Rumbold’s fairy godmother are going to eat her to stay young, you lost me. Trix. Oh wow, he just made me so happy. Perfect, fairy, mischievous little brother. All the character are just so perfect to their set personality. I thought Sunday was a child, maybe 8, for  awhile in this book. And this is something that I do that I have mentioned before. She just seemed to make a better 8 year old then 16They’re all so unique.  Rumbold’s fairy godmother. What was going on there? One second she’s nice then she’s planning on killing Wednesday and they’re harvesting souls of the kings wives. What?

I don’t have much to say about this because it’s just so cute and such a sweet read, but there really isn’t any depth. But, yeah. I enjoyed it.


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