30 Day Book Challenge: Day 2

picsart_1375358545585‘Ello, ‘ello! More for the 30 day book challenge! Again this was started by Chronicles of Radiya and I’m have fun with this.

Today’s topic: What is book that you have read again and again?

That would be Reincarnation by Suzanne Weyn. I bought this book in the 6th grade and I still love it. It’s this cute little romance with a happily ever after. It’s about these two souls that are destined to be together but in each life something keeps them apart. However each time they are re-born them manage to find one another, hoping that that will be the life where they are allowed to stay together. Essentially what this book reads as is a bunch of short love stories with tragic ends but they all tie together. Even thought the characters in each are different the all are very distinct as to which soul they contain so it’s easy to follow. The thing that makes this book so happy even though ever separate part ends badly, is that the book as a whole has this feeling of hope. Taking the leap of faith and falling in love and just hoping that no matter what, it will all work out eventually. Maybe I am over-analyzing  a bit but nevertheless I could just read this book over and over and never get sick of it. And I do. Which is why I need a new copy because I bought a paperback from those school book order things (That isn’t not just a Canadian thing, is it?) that are made super cheaply so they can sell them for $5. Not that I oppose to the book orders, they’re really a great idea  for kids, but if you have a book from them for 5 years it starts to fall apart.

In summary: I don’t even care that this is meant for younger kids, and I don’t care that it’s really cheesy, I just adore this story and I love the characters to pieces. And it makes me all warm and fuzzy. And it’s really cool because it takes place in so many interesting places in history it its really interesting to read about. So, recommend it highly.

That is it for the day 2 challenge! I will be back tomorrow! Kisses! Bye!



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