Book Rant: Steel

SteelBOOK RATING: 6.5/10

Hi guys! Today we are discussing Steel by Carrie Vaughn. Its about Jill who is 16 and a young fencer. She lost her last bout in a tournament and she is really disappointed with her 4th place finish. When her family goes on a vacation to the Bahamas her mood doesn’t improve, even when she find the tip of a rapier (pirate sword) while walking alone the beach. When she then falls off a tour boat, she finds herself transported back in time 300 years when pirates reined the Caribbean. I liked this book. It was ok. I’m not going to tell you to go run off and read it, but I’m not going to tell you not to either. Spoilers past this point.





Jill’s character was really whinny and spoiled and overall just a brat. Which I didn’t mind really because had she been otherwise it would have made much sense and then there would have been no growth in her. Closer to the end we did get to she her really appreciate how much she really had so there was some character development. I also really liked how she wasn’t some great fighter. She was good, but fighting in a tournament really is different then fighting on a ship for your life. There actually wasn’t much sword fighting in this book considering that that is the main premises for it.

On the back of the book it talked about this book being a romance. What romance? Henry and her kissed once. They’re friendship thing was kind of cute but this wasn’t a romance book. Which I was actually disappointed about. I was really excited for this pirate romance. The best part of this book for me had to be all the details about pirate life and the politics of the ship and all that. Like how they had to clean the haul and scrubbing the deck and how the ships were very diplomatic, that was just really interesting to read. Honestly this book seemed a lot like the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. With the tip of the rapier always pointing in the right direction, and Cooper having been marooned by Bane and all that. But over all it was decent. I wouldn’t read it again, but it wasn’t awful.


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