“Whatcha Reading?”

This evening two guys at work reminded me that I wanted to write about this. After my shift is over I am just sitting at the bar, relaxing, drinking some iced tea and eating my dinner before I head home. I had Clockwork Prince in my bag because I just bought a new hardcover copy because I lent me old copy to a friend and got it back in pretty bad condition. (This is why I don’t lend out my books!) So, because it’s on me, I start reading a few pages. A guy comes up to me and asks “Whatcha reading?” Now in case it wasn’t obvious from this blog I LOVE talking about books and getting people interested in my favourite books and authors. So I don’t mind stopping reading for a bit to share and discuss the wonders that the pages I am reading have to offer.

Me: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

Guy 1: Clockwork what? (in That voice. You all know the one, I’m sure)

Me: It’s really good!

Then he goes on to ask the inevitable question, “What is it about?” And then you have to try and describe the book in a really interesting way and its so complicated! I’m like “Crap! There are two books and a whole other series to explain this world! How do I do it in 5 or so sentences?”

Me: So it’s the Victorian era in London and there are these warriors called Shadowhunters and they fight these demons so they don’t take over the earth. And they have angel blood in them so they can use these things called stele’s to draw tattoos that give them powers to fight the demons. And there’s this girl, Tessa, and she can change into other people by holding onto their things. She’s not sure what she is but there are these automatons after her so she’s staying at the London Institute that’s pretty much where a bunch of Shadowhunters live… (trails off realizing how ridiculous I sound) It’s really good! I promise! It’s just hard to explain.

Guy 1: So… it’s like Twilight?

Me: No!

Guy 1: Sounds like Twilight.

Me: No!

So then that guy walks away. And not even 2 minutes after he leaves another guy comes up to me and we have the EXACT SAME CONVERSATION! Except this time I try describing it better and say it’s like a prequel series to the City of Bones movie that’s coming out.  Guy 2 has heard of the movie so I’m like “Hallelujah! This is now easier to explain!” But before I get to say anything else:

Guy 2: It’s like Twilight, right?

GOD DAMN YOU PEOPLE I HATE YOU! Not every YA  book is Twilight or The Hunger Games! Why would you ask me what I’m reading if you don’t care?! If you love to read, I will happily take those ten minutes of my life to talk with you about my book. But if you are one of those people who are just asking for shits and giggles (we book lovers know! We can tell!) We all want to take a regular four pronged fork and place it violently about a centimeter and a half into your eyeball. Unless you are interested, don’t asking what me what I’m reading!


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