Book Rant: Requiem

Can I just take a minute to express my hate for this cover? And Pandemonium's cover? Really Delirium was so pretty.

Can I just take a minute to express my hate for this cover? And Pandemonium’s cover? Really Delirium was so pretty. And why is Lena (I’m assuming that’s her) standing in a rose bush?

Hello everyone! Today we are discussing Requiem by Lauren Oliver, the third and final book in the Delirium series. I finally got around to reading this! I didn’t own a copy so I had to borrow one and I just got it! (Requiem: in the Roman Catholic Church, the Mass celebrated for the repose of the souls of the dead.) Now if you haven’t started this series go do so! Delirium is the first book, go check that out. There is a non-spoilery summery at the top of my Book Rant on that. I cannot recommend this series enough! If you have already read all three books, excellent, lets chat! As always spoilers beyond this point.





Pandemonium was really the high point in this series for me. It took me about 130 pages to really get into this book where as Pandemonium grabbed me right away. But after the first 130ish pages I couldn’t put it down. It got really good! At first I really didn’t like Hana’s POV but as we went along and she started breaking free of the cure like Lena’s mom did I started to like it more! And then we get to the ending. See I get to page 391 and there are still 20 pages left. “I will make a pact with you: I will do it if you will do it, always and forever. Take down the wall.” Really pretty and poetic, I’m loving it! Turn the page and…nothing. I get this thing saying “Turn the page for an exclusive story about Lena’s first love! Alex.”  …What? That’s not what I want! I need closure! Why are you doing this to me? Do they all die? Do they escape? What do they escape to? Why?!? How? It’s like a cliff hanger, but there’s not another one! This is another series where I have become really emotionally invested in the characters and it just ends! I need closure! Kill them off or something but I need an end! I guess you could say it’s like life and there really isn’t a end that it just keeps going. But all stories keep going after happily ever after, for all we know Prince Charming was an alcoholic and Cinderella ended up leaving him for a nicer man who she knew for more then 4 hours but that’s not the point! She marries Prince Charming and leaves her evil step-family. There is as natural “pause” in her life and we call that the end of the story.

There is also a really huge hole in this story that I would like clarified. How is Alex alive? It says he was in the Crypts and he was left for dead. Ok he was shot between the ribs so there are two possibilities: 1) he dies from blood loss 2) less likely: he survives but then dies slowly from infection. Then he says that after he healed the guards torture him as a game to see how much he could take.And then he just shows up perfectly fine. In the little short story about him that I got at the end of the book instead of an ending it kind of tell us more about that but it doesn’t explain why he is alive! Is he magical all of a sudden? We do learn that he is an arsonist from that short story. But I really want to know how the heck he is still alive.

Alex. Though out this entire book he is being such an ass to Lena! If you show up and she is in love with someone else after 6 months of thinking you are dead, you have no right to be a jerk! You can pick one of two reasonable options: 1) Leave her to her happiness. If you loved her, you would want to be happy no matter what AND TELL HER THAT. 2) Fight for her. Let her know that you still love her.  Actually the most freaking obvious thing to do would be to TALK TO HER and find out how she feel about this whole thing. Her boyfriend just came back from the dead! That’s gotta be pretty damned confusing. But you have no damned right to be such an ass-hat! Don’t tell her, “Oh I never actually loved you” then start dating this other Coral girl to make her jealous! Then at the end they get back together. I wouldn’t mind that if through out  the story we saw them getting closer, but they just grew further apart! Julian mean while is being nothing but supportive and patient and gentle and understanding and kind. Then we have this fight with Julian and Alex when they’re both drunk. Well Julian is at least, and Alex beat the crap out of him and then he just leaves. “The story of Solomon is the only way I know how to explain” “Look how much I love you, I’m letting you go!” Yeah after you turned this poor girl’s life in to a freaking gong show for the past few months! The story of Solomon is about caring about the other persons happiness and well-being more then your own, and from the moment you arrived you did nothing but hurt her. So don’t use the whole, clearly-I-love-you-more thing. It was Julian who comforted her when ever she cried for you, Julian who supported her, Julian who knew when she needed space and time to think and Julian she turned to after you broke her heart. Lena keeps apologizing but she has nothing to apologize for! If you cared about her even a little bit in the past, you would tell her that to stop a tiny bit of her hurt.

Hana: I mentioned above that she kind of beat the cure like Lena’s mother did. At least to some extent. The fact that she told on Alex and Lena doesn’t make me hate her because she was never taught to deal with emotions because she lives in a zombie society so she just acted on her first thought with out thinking it through and then she regretted it instantly and tried to fix it by helping them escape.  I was so proud of her when she stood up to Fred. “I’m your pair, I’m your dog!” Yes! But it’s clear that she hasn’t entirely broken through because she was still agreeing and planning on marrying this abusive man like it was her only option! When she saw Lena I expected her to break through the cure completely and hug Lena and have them both go off it fight together but it was enough to have her tell Lena where Grace was and hide her. And then she lets Fred be blown up! HA! Karma’s a bitch, eh?! So happy at that point and so proud of her but again I really would have liked some sort of closure! Does she go back to her family or does she join the resistance?

Oh, Fred’s idea about shutting off the power to sympathizers. All I could think of was this quote by Benjamin Franklin, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Because this society is very dictator-ship like. Even though they elect their leaders its like living under a war-lord. It also brought to mind the communist hunt in the States: “You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide.” These people are so terrified of speaking out because their freedom results in their death, essentially.  Yes, some can escape into the wilds and survive, but what about the families with young children? Then again if your cured, what do you care about your children? Fred was a prime example of the bad parts of the cure, a natural sadist but who has been made to no longer feel any compassion or remorse. All in all this government is so corrupt and we never get to see if it gets better.

Over all I really loved this series but I have mixed feelings about this book. Mostly I just wish there was more to it! Bye my lovelies. Kisses.


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