Help! Can’t remember this book’s title!

Most frustrating thing in the world when you cannot remember a book’s title!

Ok so in this book there is a teenage girl (I want to say her name started with a D. Dana, maybe?) who used to be in beauty pageants when she was a child and now she’s plus size. Her parent’s keep bugging her about her weight and one day when she discovers she has an older sister her parents never told her about, she decides she’s had enough and runs away to find her mystery sister.  She finds her older sister running a farm for LGBT teens who have been kicked out by their parents. They can live on this farm, work there, and then they sell the food (dairy products, I think) for money at a near by town.  Here this girl meets a boy and she becomes friends with him and he convinces her to enter the towns beauty pageant because of her talent of singing. She agrees and ends up winning, even through she’s not the classical beauty. When her parents come to get her she is now really confident and happy with herself and her life and I cannot recall if she ends up going home with them or not.


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