Book Rant: Entwined



Hello all! So as you might have noticed I’m kind of in this fairytale-spin-off phase. If you hadn’t noticed it probably would have hit you soon. Sorry about that. Fantasy is my favourite genre so these things happen. Heather Dixion’s masterpiece Entwined is the topic of choice today. It is a novel based around the classic story of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, which is a fairytale I adore and have read multiple novels/versions of. This one didn’t disappoint, in fact I’d say it is my favourite so far because in the other versions the princesses struck me as kind of snotty, rich brats. Our main character in this story is the oldest Princess opposed to the youngest like it’s normally told. Azalea is her name. Now we start off this book and the Queen is dying and Azalea is preparing to host the Christmas ball. Unlike in most versions the sister aren’t rich, the country is like a constitutional monarchy and I got the impression that this wasn’t taking place too far back in history. More like the Victorian Era opposed to the typically fairytale, medieval setting. So that made me love the book even more, right off the bat because I simply love that time period! Before the Queen dies she calls Azalea up to her room and asks her to swear to look after her sisters and Azalea agrees without hesitation. When mourning starts in the palace, all dancing is banned and the King pushes his daughters away when they need him most. Desperate for distraction from their grief, the Princesses met the Keeper. He too knows what it is like to be trapped inside the palace, so he offers the girls and escape into a world of silver magic. But the Keeper likes to keep things and by the time Azalea realizes this she might already be too entwined to escape.  Really great book! The world is amazing, the characters are each so unique and admirable.

Side note I think I’m going to have to increase my number of Book Rants again at least for the summer because they are piling up! I pretty much write one after I finish a novel then schedule it so it automatically publishes and I have a bunch waiting and as you can tell by my lovely new “To Read” page, I have a bunch more books waiting as well. Two Side notes actually, I changed the appearance because I got my wisdom teeth out and there’s nothing to do but sleep, take powerful meds, read and write these blogs and it seemed like an entertaining idea. So, just calling attention to that because I like this theme better. Anyway, spoilers beyond this point. Read the book, it’s really good, and then join us!





You would think that because this novel is a retelling of a fairytale that I already know that stuff wouldn’t be surprising but there was so much extra detail stuff kept shocking me! When the Keeper told her to look for the magic object, I had completely forgotten about the handkerchief! It didn’t even enter my mind that it could be what he was talking about even though it is clearly magic. I thought it was the clock for some reason and that they were going to have to destroy that. I’m not sure why I was thinking that because it freaking huge and they’ve already stopped it, but that happened in my mind.

The Keeper! So I could be mistaken, but is he usually a woman in the original? Like a witch? And The Keepers sister is a nice healer who helps the farm/garden boy by giving him the trees with the flowers that make him invisible and such? Or am I mixing fairytales? Anyway, really not important. At the beginning of this book, I liked the Keeper, even though I know the story and he turns out to be evil, I still liked him! I could really feel the girls and how much they needed this so even though I knew how it would turn out, I fell completely under the Keepers spell like them. I even started thinking that maybe he was a slave for the witch and didn’t actually want to hurt the girl but was part of a plot against his will but sadly that wasn’t the case. Still kudos to Heather Dixion! That is an accomplishment! The thing with the mirrors I’m not even sure how to picture. It’s so cool that the author thought of that piece of magic and just so, so creepy. It’s very Grimm Brothers, I loved it.

I really like how all the Princesses have completely separate personalities. If Clover is speaking I would never think it was Azalea because they are each so unique but none of them are over the top. Bramble would be my favourite besides Azalea (and sometimes I like her more than Azalea) because of her spirit and she’s so un-ladylike and so determined! I really want to learn the entwined dance. And the soul curtsy. Why can we not live in a world with balls?

Lord Bradford thinking Azalea was Bramble. I really thought that he was going to ask the King for Bramble’s hand and have Bramble be all horribly confused but step forward anyway and then Bradford would be terribly confused and then Azalea would step forward and explain resulting in an awkward but at the same time really touching, sweet moment. But nope. That didn’t happen. But the proposal thing was really good too. Very funny, very cute.

The King, I want to be mad at him, but I can’t really. Especially near the end of the book when he’s really trying. And even at the beginning when it seems he’s a terrible father you can tell that he does love the girls he’s just not sure how to be a dad and he loved his wife and wasn’t equipped to deal with her death. He does care about them, even if he has a strange way of showing it and he would never let anyone hurt his girls. Like when that one suitor was spying on them and went to the King expecting him to laugh or thank him for discovering the Princesses dancing in the fountain and the King just beats him up. Serves him right!

Those are my thoughts on the book! I really loved it! The writing was superb, very flowy. A wonderful take on a classic. Bye guys! Kisses.


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