Book Rant: Destined


Isn't this cover so pretty?

Isn’t this cover so pretty?

Destined, the final book is Aprilynne Pike’s Wings series. Shit goes down in this book! This series went for totally being la, la, la, boys, magic, fairies, relationships, and teenage life with a tiny bit of action in the first two books to 50/50 in the third and this book it probably 98% action and stuff happening and fighting and 2% relationships and fluff. Yeah. Shit got real. I loved this book! I liked Destined and Illusions far more than the other two, I’m so glad I continued with the series.  I would recommend it. If you get past the first two being not really serious and just a sweet read, these last two are so worth it! Ok spoilers after this point!





Where do I start? Yuki and Klea, I was wrong. Yuki is the puppet. Darn, I really thought I was right. If someone could clear up for me how Klea/Callista faked her own death that would be great. I’m more than a little confused at how that all worked. At the end when Yuki turned good! Yes! When you think about it she never really did anything to them (besides digging in Laurel’s mind) so I’m so glad she turned over to team good! And she made a key! I didn’t think she was supposed to be able to do that, but it worked out really well for Tamani, Laurel, David and Chelsea I guess.

Side note: The writing of this book (and the third book) are so much more mature then the first two and I’m so proud of Aprilynne Pike for really maturing her writing a lot. It was good before but now it’s phenomenal! So good job!

I don’t know if I’ve ever said this but I’ve been thinking it for the 2nd and 3rd books, I really didn’t like David that much. I don’t know why. But in this book he changed my mind! I still don’t love him as much as Tamani, but the boy has guts. I guess if you think about it, not really because he had a magic sword that made him invincible, but it’s really the principle of the thing. The Summer fairies were good in a fight too. I didn’t expect that. That illusion was great! I loved how David stood up to the queen! “What do you want to bet this sword would cut through the bars of those gates?” Lord the queen was a bitch! She cowered and hid and then was totally disrespectful to the people who had protected her sorry ass! “I am a winter fairy! I’m so above you all! You should be thankful for the privilege of dying for me!” Made me so mad! Yesamine would make such a better queen (How old is she? I forget.) I can’t believe Jamison had this all planned out! Well when I think about it I can but still! Yesamine needs to become queen and I really wish Ms. Pike would have told us how that all played out. I wanna know!

I have a motherly pride for Laurel throughout this book. In Spells she was totally clueless as a mixer and now she saves Tamani by making this antidote that hasn’t been made correctly in centuries. I love how she saved Mara too! We don’t get to see much of Mara’s character other then she really looks down on Laurel but she saves her. Laurel can be really self-sacrificing, a lot of the time and it can get a bit annoying but I’m really happy she didn’t let Mara die. On that note, the red mist, would it affect Chelsea differently because she’s a human? And how would the antidote work on her? Because both the poison and the antidote were designed for plants. I think we can assume it would be bad for her, but food for thought. And then of course when Katya was killed. It was one of those times when you could see what was happening and you wanted to jump straight into the book and warn the characters but you can’t. You know something terrible I going to happen but you have to keep reading. That’s what happened to me the minute it talked about Tamani seeing Laurel (Katya) struggling to help a fairy inside the building. Then when the male fairy pins Tamani down and we get to be in Tamani’s head for a bit, that was so heart wrenching because he had already lost Shar who was practically his brother and so many of his friends. It was just too much. And then Tamani sees Laurel was alive, how he just falls to his knees and holds her. It made me want to cry all over again.

Tamani losing Shar. That phone conversation. The end when Sahr was talking about irony, I wanted to laugh because it was that or cry. What got me most was Tamani and his speech afterward. “”Do you have any idea how many friends I’ve watched die? […] This is hardly a first. And do you know what I did? Every single time? […] I picked up my weapon- hell, sometimes I picked up their weapons – and I kept fighting until it was done.”” I tend to forget that Tamani is actually a soldier. A Captain at that. So this really isn’t anything new for him. Which is an incredibly sad thought.

And the final letter, from David to Chelsea however many years later. On the one hand I respect David’s choice and I can see the logic behind it, but on the other, if I ever happen upon a fairy kingdom I don’t think I’d want to forget. No matter how horrid.  I love when book make it sound as though they were written by one of the character. It’s actually one of my favourite way to have a book end because it makes it feel more real.

This is a really jumpy review but I finished the book at 11pm and wanted to write this right away! I loved this book so, so much! Let me know what you thought! Bye!


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