Book Rant: The Summer I Turned Pretty

the-summer-i-turned-prettyHey everyone!


The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han… sigh. I’ve read so many great books recently I was bound to come across one I hated. Ok seriously if you don’t want to be spoiled leave, but I don’t think this book is worth your time so do what you want. The vast majority of this book’s plot I didn’t mind. It was another fluffy, summer book that is designed to be read somewhere in the sun while you relax. It wasn’t written extraordinarily well but books like this don’t have to be. At least that is my opinion. If a fluff book is written well then it’s a bonus, but as long as the writing is decent, I’m ok with it. This story was pretty typical, Belly is our main girl and she has a summer house owned by her mom’s friend and her two sons.  Obviously she’s grown up with these boys and she has a crush on the older one, Conrad. Jeremiah has a bit of a thing for Belly and we get flashbacks of their time together over the past few summers and how their relationships developed. But naturally, Belly starts dating another guy, Cam and he’s her summer fling. Now as far as that part of the story goes, with the relationships and everything I was okay with. Like I said it’s just a light, summer beach read. And I HATE it when authors of these light, fluff books try to make it serious in the last 2 chapters! You wrote a book about teenage relationships and summer love, fine, ok, great. KEEP WITH THAT! In the last few pages don’t try and turn around making it suddenly serious and deep. It just doesn’t work!

Next thing that irked me: Belly. God was she annoying! She’s such a petulant, entitled brat! Was I supposed to relate to that? She was immature, self-centered and I don’t think she had one meaningful relationship. I’m not just talking about boys; her brother and her have a terrible relationship. She’s awful to him and there is no reason given as to why. I have to brothers so I get the whole sibling rivalry and left out thing, and yeah you fight sometimes but you are still family. Your brothers are your first friends, at least when they are close in age like Belly and Steve are. Next her relationship with her dad, he’s obviously trying really hard and she’s such a selfish bitch that she won’t even notice. She didn’t like the books he chose, the piano he bought her was out of tune and she wanted the yellow sheets, not the pink scratchy sheets. BITCH, GROW UP! Then she invited Taylor, her best friend, to the beach house but it wasn’t to be nice. It was so she could feel more “included”. The entire time Taylor was there she whined and then she gets in a fight with her about Conrad, Jeremiah and Steven and how she’s playing with all of them and then she turns around and does the exact same thing! Zero sympathy for Belly. And when she hears about Jeremiah and Conrad’s mom having breast cancer, what does she have? “I hope your mom doesn’t lose a boob.” Really sweetheart? That’s the best you could do? Get your shallow, air head out of your own ass and think of something less vapid!

Done rant!


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