The Three Day Rule

Why hello there! It’s time for thoughts with Lizzie.

The three days after you get her number that you have to wait until you talk to her (AKA: the three-day rule), is that still a thing? Also why is that a thing? I’ve had guys text me after a few hours and I didn’t think they’re desperate, I just thought they wanted to talk to me and that’s flattering! And I’ve always wondered why three? It seems so arbitrary. I’ve also heard 24 hours as a rule but again I don’t get it. If you want to talk to someone, talk! It’s not really offensive to say “hi.” Along the same lines, ladies and gentlemen, in the situation where you don’t want to talk to someone, please tell them rather than ignoring them. Girls are really bad for this, I’m guilty of it sometimes too. So ladies (or gentlemen if applicable) next time you decide to ignore someone, take a second, reflect inward and think “Am I being an asshole? Why don’t I want to talk to this person?” Any answer you can think of to that question you can just send to that person. (if it’s really rude you might want to edit it a touch) Examples:

  • I don’t want to talk right now
  • I’m mad at you because ______. So don’t talk to me at the moment.
  • I’m not that interested
  • You’re a jerk and I don’t like talking to someone who is mean to me
  • I’m busy
  • I need a break from you

From experience and from talking to both male and female friends of mine, it better to be told to fuck off then be ignored. But really, seriously examine why you are ignoring this person because they could be a nice person. There are approximately 301,100 words listed in the Oxford English Dictionary plus all our slang and another 8000 or so other languages and assorted ways of getting a message to someone near instantly. And yet we all still suck at communicating with each other. That’s my blurb on that.


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