Book Rant: Illusions

972203Hello everyone!


The third book in the Wings trilogy by Aprilynne Pike, Illusions. I said in my Spells Book Rant a bit ago that this was a fluffy series (if you don’t understand feel free to go find my lovely definition in that book rant.) but this book was less fluff it was about half teenage drama and half actual stuff happening. That’s neither good nor bad, I like fluff books but this was also nice. Another year has gone by and Laurel is in her final year at high school after she was in Avalon all summer. She hasn’t seen Tamani since she told him to stay away from her because of her relationship with David. If you haven’t started this series the first one is Wings, I don’t have a book chat on it but it’s just a short and sweet novel. Spells I obviously do have a book chat on but I didn’t have much to say on it but I have a lot to say about this one so spoilers beyond this point! Bye if you haven’t read the book!





Yuki, I knew she was a winter fairy and causing Laurel’s headaches and that she was totally just playing Tamani. (Well, actually I think she did like him, just like he actually liked her but he was still trying to get information.) They were so worried about Klea and what she knew and how she was lying and they just viewed Yuki as a distraction and the puppet but I think Klea is the puppet and Yuki is the master! Did any consider that? And they kept saying “oh she’s so young!” well age is not a synonym for ability! She is a winter fairy. And I know they didn’t know that, but I would have assumed and treated her like she was a winter fairy regardless. It’s way better to overestimate her then underestimate her like they did because look where that got them! And from the beginning I think it should have been pretty darn obvious that Klea/Yuki knew that Laurel was a fairy. I mean, Klea shows up at Laurels door saying “Hey, I have this kid who’s not human, you know all about that right? Can you look after her?” Also, Klea is a fairy now? What? Obviously she’s cutting off her blossom and making these biological warfare mixes. What?! I don’t know man! I definitely wouldn’t have made that connection so fast. Who is Klea? What does she want? I guess she’s part of the Unseelie but where did she get Yuki? Well keeping with my theory, where did Yuki get Klea? I don’t know how this all goes together!

The cabin in the magic ring, what? What was its purpose? It’s an empty cabin that these trolls use and somehow the trolls got stuck in it and died. What? I’m guessing it was a distraction but you only blossom once a year and the powered  to make that magic ring work is made of said blossoms so seems like a waste of a valuable resource there, Klea/Yuki.

Tamani and David, good lord. She’s with Tamani! Yay! After Tamani and David got into that fight (I looked up the Gaelic words Tamani called David, they mean silly woman and lout/dolt. So in case you were curious) and Laurel ran away to her old house and Tamani followed her to apologize and make sure she was safe and then they ended up kissing! I’ve always been pulling for Tamani though, he can be a bit pushy but I’ve always liked him better then David for some reason. He loves Laurel so much it’s hard to hate him. Speaking of the fight, what was David thinking?! He just essentially punched a soldier. A highly trained soldier who specializes in hand –to –hand combat. And you thought punching him was a good idea. Way to go there David. I don’t care that he was taunting you! He’s a highly trained killer; pick your battles, mate! The bit where Tamani and Shar are in the principal’s office was so funny. It just is so ridiculous picturing this old man lecturing two fairy soldiers about Tamani’s grades.  Tamani is actually a really good actor apparently. Between being Scottish and doting over Yuki and making stuff up on the spot, it’s quite impressive.

I have to mention this despite its cheesiness because it’s so cute: When Laurel finds a bouquet of wildflowers in her locker she assumes they’re from David but after she and David break up she finds a wildflower on her pillow when she wakes up for Tamani so he was the one who left her the flowers originally. I’m such a girl, I found that so sweet.

At the beginning when they need at get into Avalon and Shar is saying that they can’t just walk up and expect them to let them in and the Laurel just marches right up, the girl has an attitude! It worked so I guess you can’t argue with results. But it was sad to see Tamani have to act like a proper Spring fairy again. And we got to see Katya again! Briefly but I just love that girl. I wish we had gotten more about the Academy again but there really wasn’t time. Chelsea being in love with David, sigh. I don’t know how to feel about that. I don’t like Chelsea being with Ryan because I think she deserves better even though we don’t know Ryan at all really, but I can’t see her and David together.

I could go on for longer but I think I’ll leave it here. I got most of the high points. Ok, bye guys!


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