Book Rant: Magic Study

0778323927BOOK RATING 9/10

Magic Study is the second novel in the fantasy trilogy by Maria V. Snyder. This series is wonder so far! First book was fabulous this book did not disappoint. This book was classified as science fiction at the library (yes I use libraries, they’re possibly the best things ever!) but I have absolutely no clue why. If anything I’d call it a fantasy-action or even a romance but sci fi.? Definitely not. Again wonderful, if you haven’t read it, leave then re-join us later because this will have lovely spoilers.





This book! Ok just like the first I couldn’t put it down! This was unfortunate because I ended up being awake until 1am then had to get up at 6. I REGRET NOTHING. Ok where to start? Leif! I had rage towards him for this entire book roughly until oh page 382/392. And even then I still was not loving him. When she first met him and his immediate words were “She has killed” I had the intense desire to smack him across the face. Seriously! He doesn’t know what she went through. He can pipe the fuck down! I thought he had set Yelena up too when they got ambushed but I was wrong, sadly. Then my irritation towards him just kept increasing and never really came down that much. Sure you were jealous but STFU you don’t try and kill your sister or take any happiness in her being hurt. I don’t blame him for her getting captured because he was 8 years old but I blame him for not even trying to get to know his sister again. She was kidnapped, raped, poisoned and forced to use her magic trying to make her a lifeless drone, with hold all the judgment there buddy! Even by the end I wasn’t thrilled with him, yes I understood his emotions because of Story Weaver (more on him later) but still! That relationship is really rocky, or should be. I know they kind of shook hands and made up but just wait I feel like they’re probably going to have a few more problems in the next book because things like that don’t just go away.

Irys and Yelena’s relationship is a constant mixture of friend, mother/daughter and student/teacher which worked really well I thought, it was just the right amount of all three. Irys could sometimes be a little over protective, for example with that magic collar she had on Yelena for a bit, but I could see where she was coming from so I didn’t really get mad at her for it. She just wants to help and Yelena doesn’t always make it easy. But when Irys “disowned” Yelena as her student I was really crushed for Yelena because that Irys was really the only person she could come to. STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY SHE TRIED TO KILL YELENA IN POISION STUDY! Someone explain please! Because all of a few chapters later she want to save her. Still makes no sense. As far as Yelena’s family her mom was an interesting character. I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of her. Because most of the time she was very fragile and nervous but then she’d have these moments of being really powerful, like when her father was talking about Perl making really creative, violent curses. It’s just not something I expected from her. She didn’t strike me as the curse type person. Yelena’s father, Esau was really sweet. I pictured a slightly, crazy inventor a lot like Henry from The Infernal Devices.

What I didn’t like about this book was Yelena seemed way more reckless and didn’t think things thought as well as she did in the first book. Which made me want to slam her head into a tree at some parts. (When she goes after Opal. When she tries to heal Tula by herself, etc.) She doesn’t think about herself really in her plans, it’s always about saving someone else. Which is consistent with her character so, although very frustrating, understandable. I think one of the huge factors for that was the fact that she cares about people now. In the first book she didn’t. She loved Valek, but didn’t think he returned her love, liked Rand until he betrayed her, and other then the power twins but she was focused on escaping so she accepted leaving them. The people she really cared about were the other “orphans” and her actions to help them were equally as reckless as hers in this book. This is a really confusing paragraph. Clearly I am a master of the English language. (Sarcasm) Ok my point: Yelena does stupid things to help other people without considering the consequences to herself, which is frustrating. She did the same thing is Poison Study but its more obvious now because she cares about more people. Ok, that makes more sense.

Back to things I liked. Yay! Valek! This man will never cease to amaze me. The costume as the assistant to the ambassador I expected, but what I didn’t expect was that there was an actual man that looked like that that could switch places with him if needed so he wouldn’t get caught! And somehow he escapes a noose. Like the rope was around his neck and somehow he gets out of that situation! As usual his and Yelena’s relationship is so nice. It was a little better I thought when it was more push/pull but that just wouldn’t make sense in the context of this book. They’ve been apart for 6 months and only have a week together, they aren’t going to really be bickering.  They still do have moments where they play off each other and it quite funny. The mind connection they have is confusing, slightly but it’s love in a magical universe, so it’s perfect, don’t question it.

Ferde, he’s a soulfinder? Or just a magician like Mogkan who just takes souls? I wasn’t entirely sure on that. I also wasn’t sure about how he an Alea were related to each other.  Because she ended up with Opal so I’m guessing Ferde gave Alea permission to kill Yelena after he got Gelsi? Maybe? I don’t know I was a little confused. What I realised reading this book was that Sitia and Ixia aren’t very big at all. You can get from one side to the other in a matter of days on horseback it seems. I always assumed they were both much bigger.

Moving along: The Story Weaver (does he have a name? He must, but I don’t recall) he is a really great character. But confusing as hell. He’s one of those prophet people that always speaks in riddles and you never really understand fully what’s happening. He has a really great line when he, Valek, Yelena and Leif are all together meeting.

Yelena: “No mysterious arrival? No coalescing for a sunray? Where’s the paint?”

Story Weaver: “It is no fun when you already know those tricks.”

So funny. Actually that entire scene was amusing. I’m not even sure what all to say about him. I just all around love his character. He’s funny and smart and does cool things.

Yelena’s relationships with Topaz and Kiki were so great. Listening to the horses and her have conversations was quite amusing. And I thought they might bring something like this into the story because of the dog master in Poison Study seeming like he could talk to the dogs. See the connection? Yeah. Foreshadowing!

Oh Cahil! Did anyone else see it coming that he wasn’t really royalty? Because I so called that! (One of my predictions is finally right! Hurray!) When Yelena was first captured and he said he was the king’s nephew my immediate thought was that he was a magician because the king was. So then when he never used magic I got a little confused. At first I thought maybe he was hiding it but that made no sense because they don’t care in the south. And Valek not counting bodies didn’t make sense either so I figured that he was either lying or being lied to. On that topic: Goel. Yelena seems to have really bad luck when it comes to these types of guys. Reyad, Nix and now Goel. I was really relieved when he was killed but that scene before was also funny in a weird way with Ari, Janco, Cahil and Valek all walking in and placing bets.

And I almost forgot! The Commander/ Ambassador! I finally understand! Two souls in one body! AH! Life makes sense again! Because when he/she first came in as a woman I thought it was one hell of a costume. But then she would turn into a her within a matter of moments without taking off a costume so I was confused again but to souls in one body explained all that and thank goodness because that was driving me crazy.

That’s all I can think of on the book as of this moment. I hope I didn’t miss anything really important. This is getting long so if I did, oops. Anyway, Kisses! Bye everyone!


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