Problems of Being a Bookaholic

Hi there and welcome to thoughts with Lizzie!

So, I’m sure I cannot be the only person who does this. allows you to make wish lists so I’ll go through the top 50 books and new and hot sections and whatever jumps out at me I’ll put on hold at the library. (Libraries are still the best buildings on this planet. No one shall convince me otherwise) And then if I like the book I’ll put it on my chapters wish list along with all the other books that I have either read or have started the series and loved it and all the books that I remember from forever ago that I loved and wanted to buy a copy of and then forgot for 5 years and suddenly remembered and they few books that my brothers own that I steal and read constantly but I came to the realization the my older brother is moving out soon and so am I and I will no longer have access to said books. In any case if you haven’t guessed, that’s a lot of books. 50 to be exact. I added up the cost today. Yeah… it’s 780 dollars. So just a little expensive. But when my older brother moves out he’s the only one with the Harry Potter books! How am I supposed to survive without those! He also has our Lord of the Rings and Narnia books too so what’s a girl to do? Obviously I’m not going to buy them IMMEDIATELY  but I’m prepared.

Bear in mind that most of these books you can also buy on chapters but a used edition typically for half the price. They’re actually a really great way to save money. Just make sure you get one with condition listed at AT LEAST 4/5 and you should be great. I’ve done it before with a series I simply could not find anywhere and then for 2 of my Mortal Instruments series and 1 of my Infernal Devices.  Out of those 6 books 3 of them were 4 star books that had never been owned but they weren’t sold because the dust jacket was damaged. It wasn’t a huge deal for me I just took it off because those things drive me insane while reading anyway but I guess for some people it would be an issue.

Also I thought this was funny so I'm sharing

Also I thought theis was funny so I’m sharing

Anyway, wanting too many books  is a lovely problem to have if you ask me!

Bye Guys. Kisses


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