Apple Problems, Girl’s Nights, Dance and Science

Hey lovelies! I’ve noticed this blog has turned mostly into me raging about stuff. I swear I’m not normally this bitchy/whinny! Oh and welcome home Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield!

This isn't mine, just a visual for you :)

This isn’t mine, just a visual for you 🙂

Ok so on Saturday my beautiful iPod Touch that I bought in September got its screen shattered. How, you may ask? It fell off my bed. All of 2 feet-ish, maybe less from the ground. Yeah. I was pretty mad! I’m one of those people – like probably 90% of teens – whose entire life revolves around music. I love most types of music. If you go through my iTunes you will find classical, metal, and absolutely everything in between.  I listen to music non-stop and when I’m not listening to it, it is paying in my head and/or I am singing. (I can’t sing, but I DO sing). So my iPod is my baby. I have to know where it is always or I panic. It has its own special spot where it “sleeps”. My laptop, meh! It’s on the floor, I throw in on the bed, I leave it out on the table, wherever! It’s a rock though. I actually currently am using my Papa’s old laptop, which is a tank. My nice laptop is currently getting fixed, if it possibly can be, because I repel technology and the battery on the stupid thing can no longer hold a charge…but my rage towards Samsung is not the point today. Right now we shall discuss my rage towards Apple. So it’s still under warranty so I take it too the Apple Store and I didn’t really expect them to fix it for free because this would fall under “user error” whereby it’s my fault so they won’t fix it. They give me two options: $200 to fix it because they have to ship it somewhere to get it fixed or 50% off ($150) to buy a new one. Naturally I paid $150 for a new iPod. It’s just annoying because you would think if you are making a portable device that you advertise people to use 20 hours a day, 7 days a week you would think it could withstand one fall from 2 feet. That is my complaining for the day. Sorry if I sounded really materialistic and spoiled brat like.

Now more cheerful topics! Besides my iPod breaking I had a really wonderful weekend. I had a girl’s night on Friday with my friend Jill and 3 of her friends whom I had never met before but we all got along. We went to this place called the lookout. It’s a cul-de-sac on a hill top that overlooks the city and it’s under construction so no one lives there yet. We just blasted music and had ourselves a dance party and chatted and just hung out. I was really great and super chill.  Saturday I worked then Sunday was Mother’s day so my family and I went to the new Tom Cruise movie Oblivion. It’s actually pretty good! If you haven’t seen it I would give it a go. Hope you all had an amazing weekend too!

Dance exams were yesterday. I don’t think I did great in contemp. quite honestly. Because I had ballet right before and was exhausted and, more importantly, quite frankly I’m not really great at contemporary. If you don’t know what dance exams are like, pretty much you have to demonstrate assorted steps then the teacher/examiner (they aren’t usually the same person, but in this case they were) calls out a combo and you have to be able to put it together and dance it with no demonstration. In ballet and tap there is also terminology tests but in contemp. And lyrical they don’t bother because 75% of the steps we end up using are us just moving to the music doing stuff that feels right and therefore have no name other than the ones we have given them. i.e.: Sad ninja, happy windmill, banana, dolphin…etc. Ballet went well though! Our dance we are working on is so fun WE HAVE SILK SCARVES! Which I’m quite disappointed that we don’t get to keep. But it’s super pretty. I have extra ballet classes until recital so two a week instead of one. Our tap dance is the best though. Bruno Mars and red flapper dresses all the way! Henry – the one guy in my tap class – is so funny in the dance because he gets to play the ladies’ man.

In biology I have a unit test tomorrow on the kidneys and muscles. Personally I adore biology especially about human body so I’m loving it! We are dissecting a fetal pig next week and I’m so exciting! Yeah, I’m not a girly girl, get over it 😉 English we are reading The Crucible and lord is it depressing! Not terrible, but depressing. The people in that play are idiots. And yes I know it’s because of the time period and such. Oh and to anyone who knows anything about physics: Anti-matter! Explain please! It was in a book I was reading (Angels and Demons by Dan Brown) and I would love to understand it.  Where did it come from? Why isn’t there more of it?

That’s pretty much all I can think of that is going on in my life. Kisses! Bye guys!


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