Book Rant: Delirium

imagesHi there everyone!


I read this book a couple summers ago and I really liked it but then I totally forgot about it until the other day when I saw the sequel in Chapters. So I bought both books and I just re-read Delirium. The sequel is Pandemonium and they’re written by Lauren Oliver who is the author of Before I Fall, another great book I highly recommend. There is a third book out in this series but I don’t yet own it called Requiem. So Delirium is another dystopian novel that takes place in what used to be The United States of America and in this society where love (AKA: amor deliria nervosa) is considered a disease and at 18 every gets an operation to make the “immune” to love but until then they are kept completely separate from the opposite gender. So pretty much they are making everyone in their society an emotionless robot at 18.  The cities are all surrounded by electric fences to protect everyone from “the wilds” which is pretty much exactly like it sounds. And in the Wilds live Invalids who are people who are 18 but haven’t taken the cure (which is highly illegal). Our main girl is Lena who has been excited for the cure for a long time because she whole heartedly believes that love is dangerous and must be wiped out. Of course, mere months before her scheduled procedure, Lena falls in love with an Invalid named Alex. He was born in the Wilds outside the city, and has pretended to be cured in order to live undetected in the city. So that the very brief intro! If you haven’t read it, go do so, it’s a great book! This is going to have spoilers so if you have read it stay and discuss!





This whole concept is so completely foreign that it was really hard to wrap my head around at first. Your parents don’t love you, you don’t love your friends, or your siblings, or you pets, or your job, or a certain type of food or book. It’s just very hard to fathom because love is so prominent in our society.  Lauren Oliver actually talked about how sometimes the cure goes wrong and it too strong or something or it’s on the wrong person and they drown their children because they’re being annoying. And really what you are relying on is people’s sense of responsibility to do what they’re supposed to because they don’t care about it. So it’s a really frightening concept. And pretty much everything is propaganda because all literature or art or movies referencing love in a good way was banned/destroyed. It mentions that they read Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to scare the children. “Look what love does to people” kind of thing. So at the beginning of the book they have this interview like thing to put you into your idea job and marriage based on your personality and one of the questions was “what is your favourite colour?” and Lena answers wrong. Her answer was too…poetic I guess? Because she said the grey of the sunrise. What it sounds like is that the USA had a mass genocide to get the “perfect” people like in Nazi Germany what Hitler was trying to do, just getting rid of handicapped people and anyway less than perfect.

It was so sad when Lena was talking about her mom and how she used to play with them but they had to keep it quiet and her mom just got taken away because she was “diseased” and they locked her up underground. I was really, really happy that she escaped.

Alex. I don’t really know about him. He seems too perfect but I guess we are seeing him through Lena’s eyes. We don’t get to learn much about him which I wish they had gone more in-depth about his past and his life. Really I though their relationship was really sweet. When she says “love” for the first time was so beautiful because she would never have said that ever so it carries more weight. Which I guess is a nice thing about this backwards world because in trying to destroy love they made in more valuable and stronger when it does happen. Hana. She is a really great friend I wish she had gone with them. I really didn’t think Alex would die. If he died I though they both would, but I really didn’t think that just Alex would die but I’m glad that Lena escaped.

Personally if I had a choice to be cured or not, there is no way. Not in a million years. What they (the government) say is that love kills you when you have and it kills you when you don’t which I suppose is true but without pain you never know joy. You can’t have light without knowing darkness. I would love to know who thought of the cure, and what must have been wrong in their head for even thinking of this idea. So, wonderful, wonderful book! Very thought provoking. Can’t wait to read the next two. I’ve heard rumors that they are making a TV series about this? I’m not sure but that would be super cool!

That’s it for me, bye all!



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