Sun Tan Lines, Biology, Bon Jovi and Drama Class

Good evening beautiful people!

I am in a fantastic mood today mostly because of the freaking amazing weather! Yesterday was 30 and sunny and today was 20. Now that means being in the sun whenever possible! I was playing football (catch really) with some of my guy friends at lunch. No, I cannot throw well. I throw like a girl and I casn never get the ball to spiral no matter how much everyone insists its so easy. But I can catch quite well if I do say so myself. And with being in the sun comes tans. I tan weirdly. My tan has a red tint (just my skin tone. When I’m not tan it has pink undertones too, you just can’t tell as easily) so when I’m just starting to tan and when I’m in the wrong light (AKA: school fluorescence) it looks more like a burn and less like a tan, but I swear its not a burn! I can tell when I’m burned and this isn’t it! When its darker you can’t tell really. Jokes! My tan never gets really dark. Its like 3 shades darker then my normal albino. My older brother is the same way. Better then my mom and little brother though who just burn and peel. Yck.

Ok so you know my Biosphere I mentioned some weeks ago (in my story time post, I’m not going to re-explain so just go read it) Its revived itself! Our snail had babies! So proud! That’s really all I have to say on biology.

So if you have never been a drama kid, this next bit will make me seem like a raving lunatic. We had a non-drama child some into our class when he was touring our school and I fairy certain that he is never coming back. Ever. However these magical events are considered oddly normal for this group of people. We have a project in drama right now where we have to make a live music video. So we pick a song do a bit of intro (you know how all music videos have the non-song bit where they either try and seem incredibly deep and dramatic or overly silly? Yeah that.) Then the entire song and conclusion. Just like a normal music video. Now we’re in groups of some number of people. Our group has 6 plus our self assigned director. Obviously picking one song was really hard because we all have totally different tastes in music. Maggie and I came up with the idea to do Bon Jovi “You give love a bad name” because its an awesome song that you can dance to. And this one guy in our group said “No! I hate Bon Jovi!” How do you hate Bon Jovi?! He’s classic, go to jam session material! Maggie and I stared at him for a second then seriously just walked away (half jokingly). When we come back a little while later the same guy said he hated reading. WHAT?! Everyone has to like at least one book! Seriously what do you do with your life, man? He and his twin are the sweetest guys ever though and I love them to death so don’t get the wrong idea. Anyway, eventually we work out a song .”You belong with me” Taylor Swift. Our scene is so horrid! Its probably 90% improve!

fuck-it-well-do-it-live-bill-oreillyA few groups presented their music video today and I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard. This group of 7 guys mashed together a bunch of songs and their scene was they were a band trying to decide on a set list. 7 guys dancing to “Single Ladies” then immediately going into heavy metal then “Total eclipse of the heart” and then backstreet boys.  At one point they were dancing with ties like they were boas, I cannot un-see  this.

Yeah so that’s my wonderful day! I hope you all had equally entertaining days.

Kisses. Bye all.


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