Book Rant: Hush: An Irish Princess’ Tale

Hey people


wbsrxam-00023So no one seems to know this book so I’m telling you right now: GO READ IT! Hush: An Irish Princess’ Tale by Donna Jo Napoli is one of the best books I’ve ever read, or at least it’s up there.  The story is about an Irish Princess named Melkorka in about 900AC. She and her little sister are kidnapped and taken aboard a marauding slave ship. In this world far different from the life she has known, Melkorka does the only thing she can do to help give her some measure of power: taking a vow of silence.  As I said not many people know about this book and those who do seem to dislike it for one simple reason: it’s sad. This novel is not a happy one so if you’re looking for something bright and uplifting this really isn’t it. Nevertheless it’s beautifully written and really worth your time. I have a lot of respect for Donna Jo Napoli for this book because I don’t know how many authors can write a great novel where their main character doesn’t say a word after the first two chapters. So go read it! This has spoilers after this point so if you haven’t read the book, stop reading this.





I really liked Melkorka as a heroine because she wasn’t your standard heroine. She didn’t have any special powers, she doesn’t fight off a bunch of people, she is very real and normal but at the same time she’s exceptional. I don’t think I could stay silent for the rest of my life, not even if my life depended on it. Possibly one of the most realistic books I’ve ever read simply because of the fact that she doesn’t get rescued by a white knight and there isn’t some miracle that allows her to escape. I truly believed right up until the last sentence that she was going to go free or someone would save her. So the ending of this book gets a lot of hate but I found it very bitter sweet. No, she doesn’t get home and she never escapes slavery, the sad truth is that not many people did/do. But she does find some small measure of happiness in her son and instead of hating everything in her life she chooses to accept it and take joy in whatever she can. That’s what makes her, in my mind, the single bravest and wisest character of any story. I still can’t decide of this book is beautifully tragic or tragically beautiful.

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