Book Rant: Reached

reached_510Hey people!


So I just finished the third book in the Matched Trilogy, Reached by Ally Condie. If you haven’t read this trilogy it’s Matched, Crossed then Reached. Over all I’d give this series a C- ok, not great. If you haven’t started it I’m going to say I wouldn’t. Matched was good so if you’re ok with just reading that and not the other two then I’d say go for it. But if you’re one of those people who HAS to finish a series once you start (me!) then I just wouldn’t bother. For those of you who have read the other two: this book was A LOT better then Crossed (Thank goodness!) stuff did happen. There will be spoilers in here so, fair warning.





We start off the book with Xander and he’s an official but a double agent and he’s working with a girl named Lei and I like her. I have a lot of respect for her and because I want to be a nurse myself I would love to be like her character. She’s really good at what she does and I have a lot of respect for her especially when she worked with the patients even though she wasn’t immune and there was no cure. So I like I her. When she said her real name was just her fake name backwards, it took me a long while to get it. An embarrassing amount of time. Nea Lei. Ielaen? Aen Iel? What? I didn’t get it until another character mentioned it. Laney! Oh! Awkward…I’m an idiot… Someone tell me that I wasn’t the only one!

The way this book is set up is we have Xander’s, Ky’s and Cassia’s POVs. I really don’t like reading Cassia’s POV. She’s very annoying and doesn’t do anything until the very end where she finds the cure by sorting (we all knew that was coming though.) I guess she does make that gallery place which was a really sweet touch to the story I thought, having people who had never made anything in their life creating stuff. That was really the best part of the book for me. Other than those two things Cassia was really useless.

Xander’s POV was probably my favourite because that where the most stuff happened. When the mutation happened everyone seemed so shocked which doesn’t make any sense because that’s textbook biology. Pretty much any biology class from grade 6 on will mention that cells mutate so that struck me as odd that they didn’t anticipate that. In The Society everything seems to be “need to know” information. Where only certain people can know stuff about certain topics which seems very odd. I guess The Society never thought they would come to an end and they didn’t even entertain the possibility of not having the people who knew this one topic on hand. I guess we’re kind of like that too, for example of my car broke, I couldn’t fix it by myself but we seem to have more general knowledge then The Society does. When Lei was checking Xander for the mark that shows immunity to the mutation I was sure she was lying at first. Not because she’s mean but just to give some hope I guess. But she wasn’t. Then Xander works with Oker and we know he’s going to die without telling them what to do. We just know it. So that was very predictable but I like Oker, he reminded me of my Grandpa.

Ky’s POV was interesting to read from. I didn’t expect him to become still really. Honestly I didn’t see that coming. I like how Ally Condie wrote him while he was still, that was cool because I just assumed the stills were completely asleep, they couldn’t hear or anything. So that was cool. That’s the extent of what I liked about the book.

What really bugs me about this book is the stupid ending! It doesn’t say who wins the vote but we can assume that its either The Society or The Rising because let’s be honest, not many people are going to vote for Anna. Think about the people in this country, they have been very sheltered and they’re not going to want to go with someone they don’t know. They likely still classify Anna with “the enemy.” (we never find out who the enemy is/was really! It’s annoying!) So pretty much their just going to go back to how they were just a lot less organized and with half the cities in ruin and a bunch of people dead. Because honestly the Rising was just like the Society except less organized!


These books just made a complete circle and were pointless! It’s like the French revolution when they killed thousands of people, got rid of the King then ended up with Napoleon who declared himself emperor for life, NOT THAT DIFFERENT!  This series was essentially about a not so revolutionary revolution.  So I’m really unsatisfied with this series. After the first book I was really excited and everything after that fell short. So, yeah that’s my rant on that.

That’s it for me today! Bye!


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