Book Rant: Crossed

CrossedAllyHey y’all!

BOOK RATING: 4/10 and ONLY because I liked the first book

As promised Crossed by Ally Condie the second book in the Matched Trilogy. As always if you haven’t read it, spoilers past this point!  So bye! Actually, you know what? Stay. I’ll save you a few hours of your life.


Ok me trying to re-read this book just didn’t really happen. I tried skimming it for you guys to get some of the main points but really I was kind of like this:

Nothing really happens in this book! The first time I read it I remember reading it just to finish it. That’s never a good thing. Matched was so wonderful this book was just a huge let down. What do we learn? The blue pills are actually poisonous and that they are keeping everyone’s DNA in a cave and we meet this chick, Indie, and this man, Hunter, and this kid Eli, and we learn that Xander is part of the Rising. That’s it. In about 400 pages that’s all that really happens! They don’t get caught! The set of an alarm, NO ONE NOTICES! They eat poison, NO ONE GETS SICK! They successfully climb down a giant fucking cliff without a rope, BECAUSE LOVE. Get through the Outer provinces with no map, BECAUSE SHE CAN SORT! Really? Sorting? I can sort shit too but that doesn’t mean I can navigate through giant cannon that I’ve never been in before. And then after Cassia spends the whole book looking for Ky she finds him they’re heading off the Rising BUT THEN SHE DITCHES KY AND GOES WITH THE GIRL SHE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW! Seriously?!?!?! You spent this whole time searching for Ky and now you’re just going to leave? Here’s a crazy idea, you two walk together and let the other girl go in the stupid boat! And after they reach the Rising, before Ky can even show up Cassia is SENT BACK TO THE SOCIETY! Well, duh! How did she not see that coming? This entire book seemed to be a huge waste of time because nothing happens!

So that’s my rant on this book. I was hugely disappointed; hopefully the third book will be better.

Kisses. Bye Everyone.


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